Stained Glass

November 21st

Done \Stained glass quilts \Stained glass quilts

Stained glass quilts

Stained glass quilts

Three lap quilts made with African fabric scraps and backed with cordouroy :: Each quilt has at least 50 pieces, symbolizing jubilee :: Gifts to celebrate weddings and friendship.


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12 Responses

  1. Kelli!!! These.are.awesome! I want to make some really bad. Guess I’ll have to start cutting fabric stips. Really beautiful.

  2. Amazing!!! I still have not sewn a quilt. This is inspiration!!! Truly beautiful!

  3. Wow, those are truly gorgeous. I bet your quilting mama is very proud!

  4. Gorgeous! I haven’t seen a quilt like that before. I think whomever gets one is going to be thrilled. What a great gift.

  5. The colors are lovely!

  6. Love these! The colors are absolutely joyful.

  7. Beautiful! So colorful! 🙂 Great gifts.

  8. Great color combos! I like the symbolism, too.

  9. wow, this is different and beautiful.

  10. Makes me think of possibly my first comment to you when you so cleverly used African cloth on a quilt and made it look beautiful (the cloth and the quilt). You did it again! The bold orange sash really lights up the pieces. I still have my huge stash of African cloth and alternatively think I should possess it and use it up. The colors are beautiful but when used with typical quilt designs they can look out of place and they clash. Anyway, your quilts are very pretty.

  11. i wish i made the time for creativity like you do. it should always be a priority! fantastic dahling. they’re great!