Stay Away Birdies

Ripen up other green friends

What’s that hiding among all the green tomatoes?



Stay away birdies

A tomato grows in Tempe! (And a red one at that.) This weekend I listened to a great podcast discussing the Easter season and gardening — how spiritually clearing the earth and watching it bloom again coincides with the high holiday in the northern hemisphere. Regardless of your spiritual leanings, pretty sure leaving for work on a Monday morning only to find your first ripe tomato ready for the picking is a sign of many good things to come. Now, if only the birds won’t notice the harvest is ready…


11 Replies to “Stay Away Birdies”

  1. Yay! Tomatoes! Congrats! That baby will taste so good too! Bub and I were talking this weekend that when we own our first home together we’re totally having a garden! So fun!

  2. I listened to that podcast a couple of weeks ago – it was a really good one! Your tomatoes are looking great. If you really are worried about birds, I think you can put some mesh fabric over the cages to keep them out.

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