Strawberry Shortcake, Huckleberry Finn!

August 10th

in stitches august, shortbread theme

Dear Finny,
Hey doll! Step away from that amazing garden of yours for a moment and those pies, gnocchi and all other fabulous things you’ve been creating and guess what? I finished up my In Stitches August project. I know! Can you believe it? Early bird gets the worm/assignment off her back. And the reason that seems a bit snippy is because mother of all things holy — I don’t like making bias binding. Or those corners. I can’t tell you how difficult these things were for me to figure out on my own. And I’ve made a couple quilts and done binding before! But I have a feeling I cut the fabric the wrong direction — in fact making it not bias binding — and the corners just weren’t having it yesterday.

obviously not the quilter in the family

So, my project is far from perfect but it is completed and I love the summery fabrics. To complete the assigned theme of using the potholder to showcase some fun summer activity, I fell back to one of my favorite activities any time of the year: baking! With potholders! Who knew?

crumbles of shortbread

Did you have Strawberry Shortcake dolls when you were growing up? I think part of the reason I loved them was that they smelled so good. And they were the perfect size to fit on My Little Ponies, versus those long legged freak Barbies that would topple over after the first “giddyup.” Anyway, Strawberry Shortcake and her sweet-smelling friends were some of my favorite dolls. She inspired my fabric selection and my choice of baking shortbread.

cinnamon vanilla shortbread, sv

For the first batch, I used this recipe. For the second batch, I spiced things up by adding a 1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon and a 1/2 teaspoon of vanilla. Those two flavors work well with shortbread and wowza, did these come out nicely. I wrapped them up with a few Martha Stewart baking goodies and delivered them yesterday to a handful of happy recipients — wearing my potholder the whole time, naturally.

packaged and ready to go

There you have it! Now, off to pack. And swim. Hope you are having a wonderful week!


P.S. If you are interested in the Sweet Sedona Bundt Cake recipe from earlier this week it is super simple!

One standard yellow cake mix
Two boxes of butterscotch pudding mix (I like the sugar free)
Two eggs
1 stick of softened unsalted butter (feel free to cut that in half and substitute apple sauce for an even better/healthier dessert)
1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon
1/2 teaspoon of cardamom
1/2 cup of dark chocolate chips

Preheat oven to 350
Grease your bundt pan (I like to use the wrapper from the butter and a dash of Pam.
In a large bowl combine all your ingredients, minus the chocolate chips. Stir until it is creamy and you’ve added a fair amount of air to the batter. Transfer to bundt pan and shake the pan so the cake distributes evenly.
Cook for 20-30 minutes, checking every 10 minutes or so to see if it is cooking evenly. (You can tell I need a new oven.)
Let it cool in the pan for 5-10 minutes. Transfer to a pretty plate. Dust with additional cinnamon and cardamom to taste and add your chocolate chips. Best served warm with a steaming cup of coffee. If you can eat this on a patio in Sedona, where the colors of the cake will match the incredible beauty of the red rocks, even better!

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25 Responses

  1. Your potholder is so cute and happy! I love the colors. And thanks for the recipes, yum! I might have to try that bundt.

  2. MmMmMmmmm… all your baked treats look delish! It’s a good thing you’re so diligent about working out! I’ve been slacking a little lately, but I had a good swim on Wednesday and a short but VERY hilly ride last night, so I think I’m back on track for my race. It’s next weekend!

  3. Oh, I think those potholders are adorable. I love the fabric. And the shortcake looks wonderful!

  4. Your August potholders project looks so pretty and the colors/prints are indeed summery and just perfect!

    Thank you so much for the recipes–I really appreciate that you provide them.

  5. Well, these potholders are just as cheerful and sassy as their maker. I’m sure baked goods are even more delicious (is that possible?) when delivered via potholder.

    Thanks for the cake recipe! I’m going to have to file this one away for a future virtual-trip to Sedona. 🙂

  6. i’m just glad i’m not the only one who stuggles eternally with bias binding. geez. and the strawbeery shortcake with my little ponies!!! you could have been my best friend! we would have had a rocking collection i reckon!

  7. Yum! I can’t wait to try this. Be safe on your trip. I will be thinking of you and checking in.

  8. That is so adorable, Kelli. I wish, wish, wish I could sew. Those would look so cute in my kitchen!

    And I can’t wait to try this recipe. =] YUM!

  9. very sweet potholder. pretty colors too.

  10. I grew up loving My Little Pony and Strawberry Shortcake too. I have been thinking about this August project but I dont have what I want in my stash, so off to the fabric store.

  11. My youngest girly loves Strawberry Shortcake. She has a dress with her on it and stickers and …. And her name is Mary Beth, but we call her Berry! (long story)
    Now I have to go eat something, your blog makes me hungry.

  12. The potholders look great! I loved strawberry shortcake when I was little. I think it was the way she smelled. Does that sound weird??

  13. Kelli those potholders are so darn cute! I still have 2 little shortcake dolls tucked away and they still smell so good!

  14. i used to love strawberry shortcake stuff too. i even had a scented writing set.
    your baking and potholders look so good! you’ve reminded me to make shortbread, i love that buttery goodness.

  15. No fair! I love shortbread. Mmmmm….shortbread. I accept deliveries?

    I am so impressed you got your potholders done already! I’m inspired. I have the fabric and all cut out, but I’m procrastinating because of the evil quilting. And I’m likely going to buy bias tape instead of making it. Because, well, it’s hard.

    Nice work on the fabric choices, very summery. I’ll be posting soon on mine. Travel safe!

  16. Yummy…

    The cake looks divine, and the pot holders are lovely;) I don’t think i can quilt:(

  17. Pot holder maybe less then perfect but we don’t see it as we are looking at the gorgeous fabric you used.
    I must try some of these pot holders.

  18. I’m impressed with the binding on the potholders. Binding is a b****!

  19. MMM thanks for the recipe. The pot holder is adorable – I love the fabric. Very scrummy.

  20. cute potholder! I like the colors.

  21. All this talk about baking is making me hungry! Everything looks delicious, and what an adorable mitt!

  22. Your pot-holders are just so cute!

  23. I like the recepy very much.I was born in 2000,31’st August