Stretchy Pants Means Christmas!

Christmas dinner

We ate so much food during our Christmas break, by the time the official meal rolled around, we weren’t that hungry. The main culprit? Carmines on Penn. So, so good. Like it makes me wish I lived in Denver so I could have dates take me there regularly kind of good. I think we would have stayed to continue eating there if we could have. We extended our one meal there to left-overs for two days. Four star recommendation for you Denver folk.

Christmas dinner: Honeybaked Ham

So when we sat down for a last meal before I flew home, our plates were less teaming than the usual fair. Also, because we were celebrating at my brother’s house — none of the traditional Christmas dinner foods made an appearance: sweet potato casserole, creamed corn, green beans, butter rolls, pie, etc.

But there was ham. Ew.

Christmas dinner: my plate.

Thankfully I talked Cody into grilling me a steak instead. Elk steak, to be precise, with a sweet potato on the side. The one benefit of having an outdoorsy brother is an endless supply of game. These steaks were so incredibly good. He marinated them and then stood in the snow to grill. I was pretty fond of the antelope spicy sausage too.

Christmas dinner: Fruit salad

And in lieu of pie, there was a nice fruit salad. It was a great meal. I like that we put tradition on hold for a year, although I tried cooking up a new family routine. After we finished our stockings Christmas morning, I put in my dad’s new copy of Nacho Libre.

While Cody did in fact like the stretchy pants I made him for Christmas (Amy Butler wide leg lounge pants):

Showing Raja his new pants

Camo fleece, no less

New jammies

Raja seems entranced. “Where did my dad’s legs go?”

Pretty much sums up how happy he is with me

Alas, he was not a fan of the movie. He watched the first five minutes before storming off alone.

My sweet dad

My sweet Mama

My parents, however, have good taste and thought it was hilarious.

“I am worried about your salvation and stuff…”

“Don’t judge me because I believe in the science!”

We said these lines about a dozen times, laughing our butts off. A new Christmas tradition is formed, stretchy pants and all!


16 Replies to “Stretchy Pants Means Christmas!”

  1. You make pants? You can make pants? I don’t know why but I’m shocked by this. Has your brother ever been to Montana? The elk is making me think he’d fit right in.

  2. Oh, my god. I love that you made your brother Amy Butler pj pants. Ha! My brother would have asked “what kinda crap is this?” Tim and I watched Be Kind/Rewind – another Jack Black flick – while wrapping presents the other night. It made me think of you and NL.
    Didn’t Denver get dumped on with snow while you were there? I hope it was fun!

  3. The stretchy pants look great. I’ve been wondering how this pattern would work on guys. Did he fit within the size range of the pattern or did you have to make adjustments?

  4. Love the pants, and may have to get that pattern for my new year’s goal of breaking out the sewing machine. šŸ™‚ And I really love that you watched Nacho Libre for Christmas. Awesome!

  5. Tell your brother I’m with him on that movie. šŸ˜‰ And thanks for the recommendation about Carmine’s. I’ve been needing a night out and it sounds perfect.

  6. Nacho Libre is a very hilarious movie…one of my most favorite in the ‘funny/silly’ category. Jordan and I watch it frequently (you know, little kids love to watch the same movies over and over). Jack Black is one of the funniest guys ever. You have awesome taste, Kelli :o)

  7. First of all, I still have to watch Nacho Libre!!!

    Can you believe I’ve never been to Carmine’s and I’ve heard about it for years!? Maybe I’ll make reservations for Valentine’s Day?

    Those pants are awesome! I never considered making them in a male version. Genius!

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