September 14th

With the masses, I love Dooce. I appreciate her willingness to share the ugly and the beautiful of life. I cannot imagine the sheer number of hateful email she must receive on an hourly basis for living her life on the Internets so openly and honestly. (And please, whose life doesn’t include a bit of ugly from time to time? Show me that person. Even monks poop.)

Part of the reason I find myself returning again and again to her site is to see her daily style photo. I’m increasingly fascinated by the stuff people think help define them, and the objects they choose to surround themselves with to intentionally celebrate aesthetic and design. She does this so well and her objects are so varied — I’m always curious.

In turn, when I opened a giant box from Urban Outfitters last night to reveal my new jewelry tree, I pulled out the camera to capture its first decoration. I’ve long wanted one of these and when browsing a couple weeks ago, found several on the UO website I’d like to eventually display on a long, vintage bedroom bureau.


Blingy tree



Funny how when you display something in a new way, it can remind you of the meaning. While I pride myself on not having collections, my jumbles of bead necklaces and bangle bracelets are like stamps in my passport. Many of them come with a great adventure, while others were given with love.

I’ve been dreaming quite a bit lately about my next home — where it will be, what it will include, what I’ll plant in the garden, where the pups will sleep. (You know, the Great Dane and Bernese Mountain pup.) It’s fun to be in this wildly creative space, plotting and planning. I hope to include more photos of my style and aesthetic as life transitions to the next beautiful zip code and planting zone.


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  1. I love Dooce too, but I’m IN LOVE with this jewelry tree. They had ones at Costco the when I was there the other day, weirdly, and I was *thisclose* to impulse-buying one even though I have a nice jewelry display already. Can’t help it. Love this.

  2. Oh dear. I’ve been looking for a jewelry holder that would work on my dresser ( and I’m BIG on trees as a personal metaphor. This is perfect. I just might have to be a copy cat!

  3. The Great Dane will take your couch,so get two! Elvis wanted me to pass that along so your prepared.

  4. I’d love to have on one of those but having cats makes it a little impractical. Jewelry here has to be drawered. Very pretty and I love the bangles, too.

  5. I’m such a sucker for anything tree/nature…our home is decorated with all things pine cone and wood. Unfortunately, however, I second Candace…our orange and stripey Sid-O, when not plotting feline world domination, is worse than a monkey and magpie (and any other critter stereotypically mesmerized by shiny trinkets) combined! I’m afraid we’d be donating regularly to the Hoover gods and the gnomes under the sofa if I tried such artful display of my jewelry here…so Kelli, I live vicariously through you! (giggle)

  6. I’m buzzing with excitement.

  7. Love your collection of jewels! So varied and interesting. I can just imagine the stories behind them. And the idea of your next place? Love! Can’t wait to see what unfolds on that front too. šŸ™‚

  8. I just adore your turquoise bracelet!!!And the decorated tree is really beautiful. I whish you all the best, I whish you can fulfill al your dreams…
    Yesterday back home from work, I had a surprise waiting for me….your book has arrived! In a couple of days I should finish the book I’m reading right now and I will start yours…….

  9. I might have to pick a copy of this up. It reminds me of my grandmother’s dress. It’s always covered in pearls and chunky jewelry. I love going in her room and looking at all of her lovely treasures.

  10. How cool! I’m such a slacker when it comes to wearing jewelry now. I used to wear it all the time pre-kids!

  11. Oh, that is nice! Love your big turquoise ring, too!