Suburban Safari

March 1st

The fundraiser is tonight I’m at the brink of a mental breakdown. My stress-levels are through the roof and I woke up this morning with my body so cramped and cranky, my shoulders were up by my ears. Enter my mom, who takes me to a fabulous breakfast, and a massage. Afterward, already feeling more at ease, I suggested we take a quick drive to check in on a few of my friends.

mom and the giraffes 008

Seriously, how can you be stressed looking at that kind of beauty? Those eyelashes, the graceful long legs, the sweet gilted walk. She had me at hello.

mom and the giraffes 022

My mom was quickly hooked too. She grabbed some nearby weeds and we began feeding our African friends, who I’ve named Sand and Sable.

mom and the giraffes 003
mom and the giraffes 025
mom and the giraffes 034
mom and the giraffes 053

This is where she is lecturing them that the next time she comes to Arizona, she wants to see some “baby girrafos.” Giraffos because my mom tries to speak Spanish around me and can’t, knowing full well this sort of attempt makes me hold my sides I laugh so hard. And babies because this woman is desperate for grandchildren and she’s more than likely going to get them sooner from a source other than her two children. I walked away with my hands over my ears saying, “Same speech, different giraffo.”

mom and the giraffes 064

While we were in the neighborhood…

mom and the giraffes 058
mom and the giraffes 066

Indeed, I am much less stressed now. I just needed a suburban safari. And a big glass of shiraz with lunch.


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21 Responses

  1. You and your mom are so cute together! I’m glad she was able to help you destress. Have FUN tonight!

  2. Too cute! How fun, and good luck with the fundraiser tonight. I am sure it will be amazing.

  3. Girrafos seem to be good therapy for stress! And moms, and shiraz! Yay! Remember to enjoy yourself tonight!

  4. Just look at those guys! They are so cute and they look so tame. I can’t imagine building fence for girrafos.

    Hope the fundraiser went well!!

  5. Cool photos! I’m sure everything will turn out great tonight! Good luck.

  6. Buenos Suerte con esta noche!

    There’s my lame attempt at Espanol.


  7. Great de-stressing with mum!!! Such fabulous photographs!

  8. I love picture #2.

  9. I have never seen a giraffe in real life! I guess thats what I get for living in ND/MT my whole life!

    Trips with mom are always so fun… I miss mine!

  10. Hope the fundraiser went well!!!
    Yay for having your mom there to help you destress..

  11. !Si, giraffos are mi favoritos!

    Looking forward to hearing all about the fund raiser. I saw the bag June made. Lovely!!! Do tell us more…

  12. What would we do without Moms 😉 ?

  13. How did the fundraiser go?!?!?!

  14. I love a good massage! Hope the fundraiser went well.

  15. Nice haircut, your mom! And I can’t wait to hear all about the night.

  16. Oh my….that is funny about the baby giraffos. Some things never change. Hope she convinced the giraffes to have babies!

  17. The giraffes are gorgeous. It is snowy and cold and just plain winter in MN and I can’t think of anything I would enjoy more than going to chat with the giraffes in the sunshine.

  18. You and your mom are so cute. What a lovely escape!

  19. When I saw the picture I imagined your mom telling the giraffe, “You don’t let her come out here too late.”

  20. Giraffes are my absolute favorite animal (aside from my two pooches of course). Great photos 🙂

  21. Sangria works, too. I make THE best Sangria.
    Glad you’re feeling a bit “de-stressed” (I think I just made up a new word!).

    I love the pictures!