Summer Knitting

July 17th

Summer knits

I may be the only person on earth who looks forward to lengthy international flights; how I love all that time to read, knit and watch movies! Plus, every hour or so someone stops by to make sure I am okay and offer a drink and a snack. It doesn’t even matter that my long legs are tucked up by chin and I might as well be with the baggage — you can keep your first class tickets. I don’t need lots of room to be happy when traveling, just enough time to get my needles singing.

Baby sweater for Second Birthday

This wrap sweater is for my friend Tiffany’s two-year-old daughter Rory. Spring colors for a fall sweater, I know. But, they live in Michigan and when the rest of the tots are wrapped up in navy and gray, Rory is going to rock the preschool in a shade of happy. Plus, I think pink should be a color for all seasons.


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  1. Goodmorning! Very cute and very cheery! She’ll love it.

  2. so sweet! and bright. bet Rory loves this one. her mom won’t be able to get her to stop wearing it.

  3. That sweater will add a little sunshine in the winter. It’s very pretty!

  4. so cute!!

  5. Oh this is so beautiful! What a wonderful friend you are to make this sweater:)

  6. That is lovely, I am as sick as a dog on long haul flights, I mean as sick as a dog!!! Just thinking of our last flight to Britain, makes my stomach churn. I don’t travel well!!!

    Gill from Canada

  7. Oh that came out really cute! It looks like you knitted a few extra rows, which looks great. More of a natural length for a two year old (I’ve only made these for babies).

    Nice work!

  8. That is super cute! That little girl is going to love it!

  9. Wow! That is super cute!!! I was just checking to see if you are back- and holy crap what cuteness I found

  10. Kelli that is soooo cute! I LOVE it, and I LOVE the colors.

  11. Love, love the colors. And I agree. Pink just makes the world a nicer place to live!

  12. Yup! It’s all good!

  13. What a lucky little girl! It’s a beautiful gift. šŸ™‚

  14. Awesome sweater, lucky girl.
    I have yet to tackle knitting a garment. I should do it soon, though. I’m so sick of scarves I could spit!
    Dear Kelli, should I send you an ironing board cover? The one you have has seen better days…

  15. That is beautiful, and the colors are perfect. People should not dress like the weather, if it’s gloomy outside it’s all the more reason to dress bright! Happy Colors!

  16. michelle July 18, 2008

    She is going to love that sweater.What little girls wouldn’t love all of those colors. I should make a few for my neices. What yarn?

  17. Rory will love her lovely new sweater. I think it will imbue happy colors for winter. Knitting or other handcrafts on flights helps me, too. I don’t like being caged up so such work helps distract my mind.

  18. I honestly didn’t know airlines allowed knitting needles in carry on. I thought they would be considered weapons!

  19. This was my favorite color scheme when I was two – and for the four years after that. I think then I moved on to pastels.

  20. How cute and great work!

  21. lovely sweater…
    and oh! i got you letter with the photo…
    thank you…