Summer Knitting

July 10th

buttonhole bag 2, pre-felting

The infamous Mason-Dixon Buttonhole Bag. With four skeins of Lamb’s Pride and a skein of Southwest Trading Company’s pretty silk/wool blend, voila — two bags, before felting.

buttonhole bag 1, pre-felting

I used Jan’s alteration to the pattern to make these a bit more sturdy. I’m still not a pro at felting, but I do like the way these finished up.

Buttonhole bag 2, felted
Buttonhole bag 1, felted

Oooh, this one looks wobbly. Good thing it is sure to be stuffed with fun goodies before being given away.


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19 Responses

  1. these came out so well! very nice. i like the colors, too. my end-results with felting have diminished my interest in felting. mostly, they’re just plain ugly, so i try to spare the world from my feltedness.

  2. That is so dang cute!

  3. Those look really great. I love the felting! I need to learn how to do all that stuff. 🙂

  4. Beeootiful! Personally, I love my buttonhole bag — stuffed with goodies is the best way to go anyway.

  5. Oh, they’re both beautiful! I’m trying my hand at felting for the first time (a stuffed bunny from a kit), but I’m still working on the knitting part. I love the idea of a felted bag though!

  6. I’m so intrigued by the felting! The bags look great. And I love the colors. The girl who taught me to knit in January said she’d show me how to felt. But since I never finished my first project (boring scarf), I doubt we ever get to that! She’s given up on me I’m afraid. I just don’t have the attn span for knitting.

  7. Those are trop adorable! I wish I knew how to felt. But in better news, I finished a “practice wristlet” and I’m quite happy. I was expecting disaster, but there was no such thing. It is small and pink and I think we shall go out together soon. I’m off to dream of cupcakes, since my cupcake pan is too large for my oven. Le sigh. So close to Friday and Tucson and Mexican food!

  8. Those turned out great! I *love* the color combinations!

    I can’t knit and know nothing about felting.

  9. This is really cute! You always pick great color combinations. I have GOT to get this book once and for all!

    Thanks for your sweet comments during my absence, its nice to be bag in b-land.

  10. Stunning Kelli! The felting is beautiful and the color combo is a great choice.

  11. Beautiful bag. The colours are great.

  12. Fantastic! I can’t knit for the life of me, I’m so jealous!

  13. michelle July 10, 2006

    so cute, love the color scheme that you picked. the recipients will be pleased, I’m sure.

  14. wow! i’m in love with both!!!! so great! nice colors! did you hand felt? or did you use your wash machine?

    have a nice week!


  15. The colours are superb, wish I could knit…

  16. Kelli, These look great! You are becoming a true knitted purse pro!

  17. The felting finish looks amazing, I was looking at the pictures before reading the post and I was wondering if you had 4 different bags or what had happened in the transition…wow this felting business looks fun, if I only knew how to knit…

  18. I love your choice of colour. That green is fantastic. I think you wanted to let someting ‘growing’, no matter how unforgiving these summers in your area are… Too bad that the second one is so bumpy. Looks like it could shrink abit more. I havn’t felted yet, but looking at the bag I got from Jan, I get the impression that maybe the felting could go a bit further. You can hardly recognize any stitches at Jan’s bag, an it is very sturdy. Is it possible to repeat the shrinking process?

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