Sun and Moon

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When I recently read about this Chihuly exhibit in Glendale, I was overjoyed. Chihuly has been one of my favorite artists for years; I was once able to visit his museum in Tacoma and take a craft class at his workshop. There is something about the colors he uses and how delicate & hard his work is. It’s contrasting in a thousand ways. Plus, like Frida, he is quite the character.

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“The Sun and Moon” was commissioned for the Foothills Library in Glendale for $200,000. It includes 1,123 individual pieces and took more than a year to construct. It took three days just to hang.

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I can’t do justice describing how stunning this chandelier is. Dee and I stood around photographing it yesterday afternoon with our jaws slack. If you are in Arizona, it is worth the drive to see for yourself.

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  1. man, doesn’t he just make your heart sing? Love his work.
    btw, I remembered that a long time ago you made cauliflower steaks- we finally tried it out, on the grill, just a little olive oil and some spices. Yum!

  2. Beautiful post. (I may go again with another friend.) I think I’ll print one of your gorgeous photos for my home–you know, since I love suns and all! Btw, I’d be up for a visit to the botanical gardens!

  3. I just saw the Chihuly exhibit at the de Young this past weekend. It was fantastic! I LOVE his use to color. It’s so bold, and at the same time I have to hold my breath because they look so delicate and strong at the same time.

  4. Absolutley gorgeous! There is a glass artist thast did wonderful ocean related pieces for the Moentery Bay Aquarium. (Could be the same ratist, I will have to look it up.) I have pictures I took of some of the pieces the last time we were down there. When I find them I will send them to you to see. mazing and stunning work.

  5. Oh, that is one of his most gorgeous pieces ever–and that is saying something! He is such a fantastic artist, and we are lucky here in the Northwest where we get to see his art in many unusual places (such as the aquarium). Thanks for posting your photos!

  6. I love Chihuly. He is so awesome at what he does. The Oklahoma City Museum of Art has a permenant collection of his. It is amazing. There is one part where you walk down a glass hallway and his art is on all sides. It reminded me of what it would be like to walk through coral.

  7. Oh love it! When I lived in SLC I genuinely enjoyed any and all events at Abravanel Hall because of the oversized metallic staircase encased in gold leaf and a towering glass sculpture, from Chihuly in the lobby. I would find excuses to use the restroom during performances just so I could star at it without others staring at me. Thanks for sharing.

  8. What an artist! I live in Pittsburgh and our local botanical gardens had a show of his. It was great to see his work next to plan life.

    and what a library! it must be fantastic as well if they are hanging chihuly’s in the lobby!

  9. It’s so funny you mentioned this piece, Kelli. When my son couldn’t even walk yet he would stare and point at it for what it seemed like forever.

    I didn’t know anything about his artist and always took it for granted that this interesting piece of art was so close to home (we live less than 2 miles from Foothills). Thanks! I have a different appreciation for it now.

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