Sun and Surf

March 21st

I promised my friend Sue two years ago when she visited that I’d sew her an Amy Butler Sun and Surf halter.

March 2016

And, two years later — it is done. (This project was so easy. I just dragged my feet getting started and I am so happy it is done because it was easy! And now I’ll make more.)

Sun and surf halter for Sue March 2016 #caok16

Sun and surf halter for Sue March 2016 #caok16

Do you have tips and tricks to keep yourself from procrastinating? I’d love to hear them.


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4 Responses

  1. Well, when it comes to sewing, the only tip I have is to get the pattern tracing done and cut the thing as quickly as possible. I dread that part, but once it’s done, I usually can’t resist gettin’ to sewin’!

    (There’s a nasty flip-side, though, which is getting it all cut out and then kitting it up to finish “later”. Bad idea!! Finish it sooner!)

  2. That fabric is great for that top! Cute!!!!

  3. Looks great! That zigzag print is perfect for such a fun top!

  4. Break the project into small steps. Eventually it gets done.