Sun and Surf

I promised my friend Sue two years ago when she visited that I’d sew her an Amy Butler Sun and Surf halter.

March 2016

And, two years later — it is done. (This project was so easy. I just dragged my feet getting started and I am so happy it is done because it was easy! And now I’ll make more.)

Sun and surf halter for Sue March 2016 #caok16

Sun and surf halter for Sue March 2016 #caok16

Do you have tips and tricks to keep yourself from procrastinating? I’d love to hear them.


4 Replies to “Sun and Surf”

  1. Well, when it comes to sewing, the only tip I have is to get the pattern tracing done and cut the thing as quickly as possible. I dread that part, but once it’s done, I usually can’t resist gettin’ to sewin’!

    (There’s a nasty flip-side, though, which is getting it all cut out and then kitting it up to finish “later”. Bad idea!! Finish it sooner!)

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