Sun Salutation

May 16th


Taken in Oro Valley, Arizona. Whenever I see saguaros, I think of yoga — with their lengthy limbs bending every which way so gracefully.

My running buddies have been sick lately, so I’ve been tackling my dusty canal route with the company of my iPod. This morning, after a five-miler and some intervals, I stretched my hands above my head and greeted the day with arms outstretched, feeling the muscles in my torso and legs slowly loosen.
I love to run with others; the conversation usually keeps me going farther and faster than I would run by myself. Plus, the thought of someone waiting for me gets me up and out of bed at 4:30 am. However this week I’ve enjoyed running solo, thinking about my day ahead and going through my morning prayers. I’m guessing those who pass me on the canal walking their dogs think of me as the crazy mumbling girl.
My triathlon is in October and between now and then I’ve got 5 weeks of international travel scheduled. I’m getting stronger and loving watching my routine change as this race becomes more of a reality. My diet is getting better. I’m stacking workouts fairly regularly and am actually joining a tri team when I get home from Africa. But when I am actually in Africa (and Bolivia) I have to remember to get out and run. My routine usually gets confiscated at customs and I come home feeling gross and upset with myself that I haven’t made an hour of time for myself a priority. This trip, I have a great feeling, will be different. There is no reason not to run on the beaches in Moz or use the treadmill in Cape Town. I’ve got no excuse to be lazy.
I can’t wait to raise my arms above my head as I cross that finish line. In the meantime, back to the dusty canal. Oh — and the praying.


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  1. Travel disrupts so much of our normal routine that it can get overwhelming, be easy on yourself, you’ll get there. One thing I tell my patients is to pick 3. 3 exercises, 3 workouts, or 3 days to do something. This especially works when people feel like they’re too busy, when they get overwhelmed with rehab or are going on vacation and are concerned about keeping up with their program. It takes the pressure off and alot of times patients end up doing more than they expected! I’m so impressed you’re doing a tri – You Go Girl!

  2. Run, Kelli, Run!!!!! (Say that in your best “Forrest Gump” voice…)

    I admire your drive, your commitment, and your determination…

  3. That is so inspiring that you can get going every day..I used to be able to do that..Somewhere in getting married, moving, all that jazz- the exercise routine just got tossed out the window. How sad. šŸ™

  4. Wow! I was just saying to my sweetie, as we had supper out, that after my birthday tomorrow, (I turn 66) I have to get up early and go exercise as I don’t like what my body is doing with me being lazy. Good to see others are doing the same–well, I used to run before the arthritis got too painful. Now, I walk. Still it feels good. And I think we all sort of talk to ourselves quite a bit when doing it. I sure do. God hears.

  5. I heard running on the beach is such a great workout! I’ll cross my fingers that you can continue to snag that hour to yourself everyday! I know that I always feel better after I exercise (although mine aren’t the same intensity as yours..even when I’m not pregnant). My favorite time of the day was steering my bike onto the trail at sunset.. so nice!

  6. You are an inspiration!

  7. there is something so awesome about running solo. something peaceful and almost meditative. enjoy your time kelli!

  8. Kudos to you for being so determinated, bravo! I’ll miss you from tomorrow on…….

  9. I’m glad you’re going to take time on your travels to take care of yourself and continue working toward your goal. Let spirit fill you and make you fleet of foot!

  10. Those saguaros are so beautiful. And I wish I had half of the strength and persistence you have to GET UP in the morning and exercise. You are always an inspiration to me.

  11. Way to go on your training. I know you will find some time for yourself and your training while on your trip – it is just part of you and you will make it happen! Can’t wait to read more about your progress.

  12. Now, if you can find food other than bread while you’re there…. šŸ˜‰

  13. Good for you with all of that running! I do my three miles a few times a week and leave it that šŸ™‚ I wish I had your motivation! Best of luck with the continued training!

  14. It does make it so much easier to get up when you’re meeting someone. I wouldn’t make it out of bed at 10 to 5 without my walking buddy.

    Great job, Kelli – and running on the beach sounds like a wonderful change of routine. šŸ™‚

    And those cacti! We are painting our old pickup truck to look like a cactus for the ArtTogeau (art to go) parade this weekend. We’ll be attaching about 500 pieces of pipe cleaner for the needles.

  15. Wow, that sounds like a great way to start your day!

  16. I wish I had half of your energy girl…way to go!!! šŸ™‚

  17. I take my hat off for you, Kelli!
    Getting up at 4.30 and running such a distance… you’re a champ!

  18. I received my purse (and CD) today. Thank you so much!! I love it and have already begun using it. Next time, you’re getting paid, Sista. šŸ™‚

    Be careful on your runs in Africa. A highly suggest a running buddy if at all possible. I will be praying for you as well.

  19. Jennifer D May 18, 2007

    Kelli, You are an inspiration! You’ll be in our prayers while in Africa.

    Hey, laeroport, I want to see photos of your catcus truck…500 pipe cleaners, really?

  20. those saguaros sure look like they are doing the sun salutations.