Sunday Dinner

August 31st

Roasted garlic hummus appetizer

Appetizer: Roasted garlic hummus, crudites

Um, you've got a lemon up your hiney
Roast Lemon Chicken

Main course: roasted lemon chicken

Brociflower, saffron rice


Saffron rice

and saffron rice

Man catcher brownies

Dessert: Man catcher brownies

Man catcher brownies

Although they are currently being eaten as an appetizer. And I just had to describe why I was taking photos of the food. Yep, I’m a freak. I love cooking and taking photos of the food (food porn) almost as much as I enjoy eating. Speaking of…


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10 Responses

  1. We’re making a pesto-chicken pizza. I’ll try to remember to take a picture. Food porn indeed.

  2. Your guests are very lucky people! Everything looks wonderful as usual – mmmm lemon orasted chicken and saffron rice! I am making a casserole with leftover chicken tonight to use it up. I know exaxtly what you mean about “food porn.” I takle pictures while I am cooking and when the dish is done, and food when I am in a restaurant! My brother and I talked today (he is in the mid west) and he said he loves the food pictures on my blog. Food does have a language and passion all its own! Enjoy your dinner tonight!

  3. Tina in Duluth August 31, 2008


  4. Yum – I want those brownies!!! I had a great dinner myself (trout with bacon, pasta and green beans with pesto) but no dessert – wah!
    Hmmm… my husband just walked in and said “let’s go get custard!” I guess I’ll keep him. =)

  5. As usual, it looks delicious!

  6. ali la loca September 1, 2008

    Those brownies look deeeelicious!!!

  7. Well, I’m a camera addicted too! My friends are starting to be a little annoyed of me, actually! Anyway, who can really tell the absolut truth about the food schedule? I mean why not brownies as appetizer? That’s the fun about food, I guess, you can make your own choice………

  8. The food looks fabulous. I hope it was a great evening.

  9. Food porn! what a concept! you made me laugh a lot. I like to read your blog.
    You are so cool!

  10. I love the food porn. I will have to go and get some lunch now, made me very hungry. I don’t think the staff cafeteria serves roasted lemon chicken or brownies. Oh well.