Sunshine and Sewing

July 21st

Gina is visiting her folks in Tucson this week. I took advantage of the very reliable and lovely US Postal system and got her wristlet done in time to be shipped just 120 miles south of my home. It arrived yesterday, before she returns to France.
The lucky girl lives in France. And has an adorable French boyfriend. Oooh la la! And is one of the nicest bloggers I’ve met — the sweet silver lining to organizing a swap is getting someone you truly want to spoil.

My Arizona Wristlet:

Sun pouch for Gina

It’s a bit messy, but so is the sun. I love it. My mama would be proud I attempted to applique/quilt something in the first place.

I thought while I had the sewing machine out (as if it has left my kitchen table in the last six months), I’d whip up a summery tote and needle roll too. I stole Amy Butler’s “In Town Bags” idea of using ribbon and two buttons for the closure. Such a smart woman, that Ms. Butler.

Gift for Gina

The items that didn’t make the list: postcards (darn it, I forgot!) and chocolate. Right. Why did I buy chocolate to be shipped to Tucson? It is going to be 115 here today. It’s just a shame it had to stay at home. With me. Waiting in all its dark chocolate glory in the freezer to be inhaled at a later date. You can imagine how truly bummed I am.

It’s a Wristlet World Participants — you should be chatting with your partner and sewing by now. You’ve got less than a month to get them to their final destination!


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14 Responses

  1. wow look at all the stuff you made her, how lucky is she!! The the sunshine theme.

  2. all very cute and summery. love the needle roll. i need to make one (for crochet hooks, since i can’t knit). i can’t really crochet either …

  3. Beautiful work! Such happy & fun colors πŸ™‚

  4. I finally know what a wristlet is now. I just thought that was your fancy way of saying bracelet, you being all multi-lingual and all.

  5. Yea! One swap down! I think my wristlet is going to have to be a different design, sans zip. I know there is a tutorial out there, but if Amy (happy things) had trouble with it, I’m sure I will as well. And I don’t want mine to look like crap! We’ll see. I’ve got a few weeks. But yours looks great! So fun and sunny! Or is it sun and funny? I need a nap.

  6. Those are beau-ti-ful. Love the colors! How fun.

    Darn about that chocolate…heh heh…. πŸ˜‰

  7. How adorable! It’s all so summery & fun.

  8. Fancy pants! No fair upstaging everyone! I guess I’m going to have to take the gloves off here and do something really special like. And, if you want, feel free to send the leftover dark chocolate to Finny since I know you hate it.

  9. so sweet and summery πŸ™‚

  10. A bit off subject, but, will you be going to the orphanage in Beira the next time you are in Mozambique?

  11. I am in fact tres tres lucky! Also hoarding my stuff so my mom doesn’t take it! There was definitely a lot of squeeling when the package was opened (even sans chocolate, because with it, the lovely bag, wristlet and knitting roll probably would have gotten an extra “accent color”). That knitting roll is going to come in handy, because now i won’t have my needles all over the apartment, where my boyfriend or some other innocent civilian could a)hurt themselves b)try and use them as chopsticks or c)hide them. Now I’m sweating with worry about my own contribution measuring up! Mille mercis encore, Kelli!

  12. Looks like you had a super busy week! I returned Friday night from Puerto Vallarta (aka Heaven) and then got very sick. Not sure what the cause was, but I couldn’t even get out of bed yesterday. So much for catching up on errands, etc. this weekend. Guess I’ll cram that all in this afternoon. Anywho, I actually ate some grilled cactus (Nopales, I believe is the term) in Mexico. I have to say it wasn’t too good! But I tried it at least. Hope you have a fabulous week! (PS love the doggie pics – I was so happy to see my pooch Friday; and the cards are great…love the cacti!)

  13. Your mama IS proud of you! Keep on sewing, you just keep getting better and better.

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