Super Silly

October 1st

I attended a super heroes themed birthday party this weekend and yee-ow, was it fun. I was rather impressed by the costumes. The idea was to create your own super hero and super power. Political correctness was not a requirement.

El Camino

El Camino, super power: landscaping.

super sleepy

Super Sleepy

Super Scottsdale

Super Skottsdale

sobriety monitor

Who came with a sobriety monitor on her leg. Ah, the humor we find in reality.

Super Keg

Super Keg

Package Man

Package Man, super power: making me blush like you wouldn’t believe. You can guess what was inside the box. Oy.

Earl the Eagle

One random Eagle Man, super power: securing the pride and dignity of women worldwide.


And the birthday girl, aka the Aerobicizer, super power: crushing things with her abs. Any girl who can rock gold undies in public has my party-respect.

The Salty Senor and Margarita Maven

I was the Margarita Maven, fighting the evils of sobriety one frozen drink at a time. My sidekick, the Salty Senor, was a trouper and even grew a rather entertaining mustache for the event. I sewed a small apron, wore a rhinestone MM name badge and handed out recipe cards, while pouring margaritas. Any time I can dress up like a drunk housewife, I’m having a good time. Plus, being a sucker for a good theme, I love that my friends like to be so silly and creative.
Today, my super power is accepting sobriety with both hands and willing it to move in permanently.

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17 Responses

  1. What a great party theme! Looks like everyone was having a good time. Love your MM nametag Kelli. 🙂

  2. i might wear those gold undies to the gym today just to see what happens. hey they were $7.50, i can’t waste that on one wear.

  3. What a fun birthday party! Love the creativity that abounded.

  4. what a fun party! i love your costume. you look like brea van dekamp! 🙂

  5. I’m a sucker as well for a themed party! Looks like a lot of fun. Loved reading everyone’s superhero name and power!

  6. My head hurts from where the wagon ran it over this weekend. I am going to try and at least hang on to the bumper for a while…

  7. What an awesome party! The costumes are a hoot and Package Man’s idea had me racing for the bathroom ’cause I was laughing so hard. I love your costume–you look great! And sewing, handing out recipes and all, just the kinds of things I love. Thank you so much for sharing this–it’s such a clever party theme.

  8. Hey! now that looks like a lot of fun!

  9. That looks like a lot of fun. And your costume is very Margarita-y. Is that a word? You know what I mean.

    I have to know, who went home with Package Man? There’s a good super power.

  10. Oooh – I love costume parties! You look fantastic…and I want a margarita!

  11. What a fantastic party theme! It sounds hilariously fun!

  12. that was so fuuny i was laughing loud enough to wake one of my wee ones!!!

  13. Package man is hilarious. Made me laugh out loud. Then I had to explain to hubby why I was laughing so much.

    Love your Margarita Maven idea.

  14. Even a grown up should remember a little childish silliness sometime! It seems you all had a grat time.

  15. Sarah HB October 2, 2007

    Looks like a really fun party!

    LOVE the birthday girl and the margarita maven.

  16. What a fun party. You & your friends sound like your always having fun. What a great group.

  17. what a cute couple. you are SuperClever!