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October 13th

Am I the only one out there that think YSL, Louis Vuitton, Donna Karan, Calvin Klein, Ana Sui — and Anna Wintour for that matter — have all lost their minds?
Since when did the skinny jean, the bubble skirt, the dreaded legging, the slouch boot and the shift dress become current fashion? Perhaps I’m a touch too conservative, but the fashion of today’s runway makes me want to:
A. Feed the models. The skinniness is out of control. Pretty soon they’ll be crawling down the aisle with IV tubes, and
B. Cover them! I don’t want to see nipple, rib cage or belly button. What do they do with those clothes once the fashion shows are complete? Do they sew them all together and have one solid outfit any normal woman could wear? And with that, I realize that yes, I am a wee bit conservative.
My fashion icon remains Jackie O — a woman who could wear pearls with a bathing suit (one piece, of course) and make beachgoers rush off for their Mikimotos. I think some of today’s most beautiful women are Salma Hayek, Sheryl Crow, Reese Witherspoon and my mom. If I were to pick a current day fashion model, it would certainly be Reese. She’s conservative, but you know she has fun. She’s never photographed with her skirt tucked into her stockings or without both diamond studs firmly fastened, for that matter. (And occasionally a handbag from Target, which just makes me love her. She’s down to earth and a priss. My kind of lady.) She has certainly never been photographed coming out of the Ivy at 2 am with her nail polish chipped. Perhaps other starlets should pay attention to her good behavior. Be a serious actress, dress well, get Oscar. Be a tart, dress like a fool, lose roles. Simple math, non?
If I were going on a shopping spree today for some new duds I’d more than likely be at Ann Taylor and Nordies, or even more likely yet — the craft store. I’m going to be sewing my own skirts this season. I’m determined.
Gap has become home of the over-priced T-shirt that is way too short. (Funny, once you are out of college, that whole show your mid-drift thing doesn’t fly.) Old Navy is home of the well-priced crap T-shirt that falls apart in the first wash. Banana remains, of course, the snotty older sister, who’s a bit too pleat-y and serious for me this season. Arizona isn’t a fashion forward kind of place and we rarely need tweed, fur or wool anything. I need something practical, affordable and cute. Too much to ask?
I think the only Fall fashion trend I may briefly consider is a new handbag (dreaming a bit here), some fancy new boots (must replace those which were thrown out last year) and dark nail polish.
Otherwise, I’ll happily feel like an Ugly Betty this season and opt for my skirts, wrap dresses and kitten heels. We’ll laugh about leggings over tea. Are there any fashion trends you are following? What are you wearing this season?


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  1. Nods head. Seriously. And I will not give up my bootcut jeans. No way. No No No! My fashion trend consists of whatever is quick, washable, dryable and toddler proof without the frump. Yeah so um, Buckle jeans and tees. Chuck Taylors, Docs and my fav living here, J Crew flips. I’m a simple girl. šŸ˜‰

  2. Love the boots. I DO want to get a pair of boots to wear with skirts this winter. My everyday look tends to be a Columbia/Woolrich type of thing. I like simple and classic but not boring and frumpy. Some (well, many) of the fashions out there just crack me up. And so many of them don’t look good on anybody!

  3. Nodding head in agreement! What has happened to the world of fashion? Seriously. And while I am pregnant it is not a good time for the skinny pant to be in style šŸ™‚ And it is just scaring me that bubble skirts are back. I had hoped that they had gone away forever. Reese Witherspoon is one of my favorites and I always liked that she looks like a classy “normal” person. Best of luck with your skirt-making this season! Sounds like a lot of fun.

  4. yes, Reese is an icon for us all. i love looking (and actually reading articles in) vogue and other fashion mags, but the styles are so unrealistic. even if if i was a fish stick with no shape and had the money to spend, i wouldn’t pick those things! do you watch project runway?

  5. I am pretty boring with clothes. I wear the same style of things all the time! I have two pairs of pants I bought last year that I really should have gone back and bought more of. They’re a stretch corduroy in a sort of velvety finish, bootleg, medium waist (not those low on the hip things) and they fit SO perfectly! I love them. I’ve been haunting that store to see if they get them this winter.

    I usually wear long sleeved t-shirts in winter but I have had a recent (just one season) love affair with poloneck sweaters too.

    My big wish for this winter is to find a pair of knee high boots to fit my fat calves. I have a store in mind, I just need to get there.

  6. I am wearing the same Old Navy t-shirts and khakis that I always do. Sad, but easy. Don’t hate me because I can’t afford Italian fashion.

    And, so well said and apropos, my dear. Read in TIME this morning:

    “They have skinny bones.”

    —Karl Lagerfeld, German fashion designer, shrugging off concerns about too-skinny models and arguing that most models are naturally thin. He also said the rise of obesity in many countries, including France, is a more serious problem.

  7. I hate that 80s fashion is coming back “in.” I was a little young to be stuck wearing some of that stuff, but I saw it!

  8. I agree with you Kelli! I tend to buy the classic pieces that don’t go out of fashion year after year.
    I used to shop at Express for jeans, but now everything is “low riders” with a 3 inch rise and skinny tapper leg. That’s not style it’s porn wear.

    I like to be covered & leave a little for the imagination nowadays. I have a really hard time finding clothes I like. That’s one of the main reasons I started to sew, so I could make my own clothes. I know that I will usually always find something in Ann Taylor, Talbots [they have a great younger line now], etc…

    For my shoes & boots it’s porn look all the way…no I’m kidding!! But I do like a higher heel for everyday [makes running after a 2 & 4 year old fun!] and I found a great pair from Nine West that I’ll have for years.

  9. The wedding dress I always wanted (but won’t get now, because A) I’m not 23 anymore and B) they don’t make it) was designed by Jackie O’s designer. Sigh. It was the perfect mix of girly princess and classic beauty.

    And you know I’m a big Ann Taylor LOFT fan. For pants though I hit up the Hilfiger and RL outlets. Their longs are actually long.

  10. Why, oh why are t-shirts so short?

    And you should get yourself the Coach bag. Everyone needs one classic bag like that and it will last you a lifetime.

  11. Yes yes yes! Boot cut jeans! The new skinny pant style that is now the fashion is absurd – how many people could actually look *good* in such a style? And you know that many many people who should *not* be wearing said style will be…

    I love the slightly wide-legged slacks that were so popular last year. If you do too, get yourself to an H & M! I went bonzo there last week and bought myself 3 more pairs (in different colors and styles of course, they are not identical!) because I am so afraid they will no longer be available and I will be stuck. Now *that* is a style that is flattering to nearly everyone.

    By the way, the H & M stores here in the States carry different stuff than those in Europe. Also, while their fall and winter stuff tends to be “nicer” (a little more conservative and grown up), their spring and summer stuff says “hoochy mama” all the way. At least in my opinion.

    Also, incidentally, I thought I was in a time warp this afternoon walking down the street behind a pair of black leggings and an oversized grey cabled sweater. Somebody save us from the 80s! They can’t possibly be happening again…

  12. Skinny leg jeans are not meant for these baby bearing hips…really. Im staying with my boot cut cords until I hear otherwise. And long sleeved t-shirts here too and in WI a fleece from Land’s End is a must have. Oh, and I know Uggs are probably out, but they are permanently glued to my feet until the snow melts in May.

  13. Beware of France! Beware of France! I think I’m going to take pictures of my daily transit to school to document the things that people actually leave the house in here. I’m going to fess up here and say that I’ve seriously considered purchasing a pair of leggings. I was a kiddo in the 80s, but I’m pretty sure I sported a pair or two. But seriously, it’s crazy here this season. EVERYONE and their mother is sporting leggings and there are very few stores where you can’t buy them. But I swear up and down on my ballerina flats that I’m not wearing them right now. And that Coach bag is faaaaahbulous. Someday when I’m working in the high-paying world of music outreach I’m going to buy myself a real, good bag. You know, along with the ten houses.

  14. I completely agree with you on the fashions of today, except for the legging. I am past the point of the mini skirt, but if I pair the short (not short short, just short) jean skirt with dark leggings, I can pull off the look without looking too bare. As for the skinny jean – NO WAY – NO HOW. Although I really like Stacy London from “What Not to Wear”, she was wearing skinny jeans on the Oprah show, I didn’t even feel it was a good look for her. Stacy is my style guru. As for the bag this year, the big bag is in for fall and I’m off to purchase the Coach Signature Stripe Reversible Tote in Khaki/Mahogany. Gotta love Coach!

  15. I am so with you!

    I’m in the DC area and it’s been cold here recently. On Friday we were out at dinner with my sil/bil and sil pointed out the girl in big madras print shorts (they went to her knees) and heels. The temperature right then? about 35. Er… ick.

    At least they haven’t replaced the bootcut jeans with the skinny jeans — I need something to balance out my wide hips and if they got rid of the bootcut jeans, I would be so lost.

    I buy a lot of tops at JJill (the ones that aren’t ostentatious!) and bottoms wherever I can find decent fabric that doesn’t look awful on me!

  16. I’m laughing at your post and all of your comments!! Too funny!

    I almost never buy new clothes. I usually get new clothes twice a year … birthday and Christmas. Since I have not lost my girth from the baby, I opted NOT to get new clothes this past birthday.

    What am I wearing?? White t-shirts and some of the A-line skirts I made before the baby was born. Pretty boring …

    (I can’t wait to see the skirts you make!)

  17. kelli…you make me laugh…i love your writings. the runway models have become huge, huge business. it is entertainment…truly. we all know no one looks like them, and who wears any of those clothes?… even if they sewed a few together to make one size. the sad part is the young girls wanting to look like them and compromising their health.
    me…i am about jeans and comfort. sure i dress up when i have to. i have also indulged in some costly clothing…but no more…i’d rather give to where it is needed.

  18. There are a hundred horrible trends this season. I saw a lot of them running around Italy. Specifically the leggings (gag) with long sweaters and big belts. Barf. I have, however, given in to the trend for day dresses (so easy!) and tall boots. But there won’t be any skinny jeans tucked into my boots. NO. What skirt patterns are you using?

  19. Sarah HB October 16, 2006

    So not going with the new fashions.

    Even when I was much thinner & younger, the skinny jeans were not for me.

    Um, I did the slouchy suede boot about 20 years ago and I can’t go back.

  20. I didn’t realize I was quite so hip, but I’m totally a “Lincoln Park After Dark” kind of girl, and have been since I discovered it this spring.

    As for the rest of it – the skinny jean, the bubble skirt, et al? I’m going to go back to the 80’s in my own way and do the “Just Say No” thing as far as they’re concerned! šŸ™‚

  21. What a great post! I hated the 80’s fashions when it was the 80’s so I will definitely NOT be joining in on that fashion craze…I might give in to a few accessories a la Target (where my hubby works so we get a discount!!!!:) but that’s about it. I, sadly, am not too stylish these days and am trying to inject a little more sass into my wardrobe…I’d love some ideas from you all!!