Swimming, Without Political Drama

Don't you bring your knitting to a swim meet?

I swam in the state masters meet this weekend — the mile last night and four events this morning. I am blogging on nothing more than anxiety and exhaustion. I’m home, a wee bit sunburned and very happy to have competed. And yes, I took knitting to the meet. I’m just that strange.

Arizona State Masters meet

I notice that in true Kelli fashion I underestimated myself. My entry times were stupid slow — as in I swam in heats with an 81-year-old dude.

50 fly
200 IM
100 fly
1650 = mile

Yep, I beat that old man silly. Okay, really I waited in the water for him each time to finish and then shook his hand. I mean, how cool is it that he is still competing at 81? Lou and I were fast friends by this afternoon. He didn’t seem to mind I completed the mile 22 minutes faster than him and tread water the entire time waiting for his finish.

For the swimmers out there — did you learn to stay in the water until everyone is finished and shake hands with your competitors? I thought this was common courtesy. Safe to say this is not a level of competition that should be void of manners. Also safe to say I’ve got to find a new team to train with because next year I’ll be greeting Lou from the fast heat.


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  1. I swan all through grade school and high school. I don’t remember staying in the water until everyone finished.

    Of course, 27+ years later, my memory can be kind of hazey……..

  2. I take my knitting everywhere I go too. Did you hear about the 101 year old man in England running an upcoming marathon? He needs to stop every 5 miles for a ciggarette and a beer, true story…ciao

  3. 2nd pic from the bottom? Olympic worthy! Look at that form! I love your sportsladylike conduct, too. Oh, Lou. Love it. Congratulations!

  4. Go ahead, Sister! And, no: I did not learn that little tidbit of competitive swimming etiquette. Sure, it’s been 20 years since I swam on a team and I doubt I ever will again, but it’s still good to know. 🙂

  5. Sounds fun! I don’t know any of that swimming etiquette. I wish I would have swam on a team in high school, but instead I just feel clueless. =)

  6. You know, in my years of competitive swimming I never was taught to wait at the end to shake hands with my opponents. Granted, I was pretty young then and probably didn’t hear anything they were saying, but still, that seems nice.

    BTW: Nice butterfly.

  7. Great story!! I’ve *got* to get involved with a swim group here in Sacramento, I miss the days when I took a summer college swim course…I wasn’t very good, but it made me love swimming.
    I don’t think most people are trained to be nice in the pool. I remember trying to get on the highschool swim team and everyone was very rude and the coach said I needed to leave the lane and go practice in the kid’s area. Wow. It still burns. :o)

  8. You go girl! That is nice…never knew that about swimming etiquette.

    Loved all the greasy food you served earlier in the week…I would have eaten the veggie dish!

    Yes, I would have brought knitting too.

  9. Pool etiquette is big around the squad I swim with, and a big deal at Masters swim meets too. We always wait for the last person before anyone gets out of the pool at the end of a race. Sometimes there are ‘over the top’ starts, where the next race starts while the swimmers who just finished stick close to the wall, and the next race dives in ‘over the top’ of them. I’m going to come swim with you one day. We oughta be meeting up at the Masters World champs in Perth, Australia, in April!

  10. When I was on swim team the rule was you had something like 30 seconds to get out of the pool after you touched or be disqualified. So no hand shaking for us. Of course, that was probably to keep the meet going and for kids, that might have been the only way to get us out.

  11. The most organized swimming I did was at summer camp in a lake with tadpoles… The tadpoles were a bit bashful so there was no etiquette needed.

  12. Yea, that Mesa Aquatics really paid off. BTW, we teach ’em to count in Mesa! (Remember Todd?)

  13. you rock, kelli! and i LOVE that you brought knitting to the meet. i was on the swim team in 4th grade, maybe 5th. i think i went to one meet. was always terrified of them…the fear of being last, i think.

  14. That’s awesome you are doing competition swimming. I did swim team in Jr High and I still think about taking it back up all the time. I just need a pool!

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