Tacos and Margaritas, Anyone?

April 28th

can i get you a taco

Querida Finny,
I just love your birdie apron. I wish I had bought five yards of that fabric and could at least toy with the idea of sewing the beautiful dress we saw in the window of Josephine’s. Oh, my love of expensive fabric knows no bounds.


Good thing I’ve got a couple side jobs. Remember that customized apron idea I had for Mother’s Day? Well, I’ve completed two orders. The first was for Jessica and it turns out she is really pleased with the results. Woo hoo! The second I just completed last night, so fingers crossed it also gets a good review. A friend of a friend emailed me to see if I could make her mom and apron and include her nickname (Meesh) and tacos. Come to find out, Meesh is a taco-making machine. I think I captured the espiritu with this April apron project.

ribbon and embroidered taco

So, who is our grand prize winner for April? Your chance to pick. I’m thinking up a fun project for May-June. Do you mind if we double up? I won’t be around a sewing machine (or electricity, really) for most of the later.


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16 Responses

  1. The photo is brilliant.

  2. great apron Kelli! I love the lettuce on the taco!

  3. This? Darling. That lettuce kills me.

  4. I love it. Love the taco! So cute! You did a fabulous job!

  5. It’s really cute – I’m sure the taco mama will love it!

  6. Love the way you made the taco toppings!

  7. super awesome!!
    she’s sure to love it 🙂

  8. Oh my gosh, Kelli. That is TOOOOO cute! She’s gonna love it!
    What a special gift!

  9. How precious! Thanks for stopping by my blog – I’ve been meaning to let you know that my craft group is trying desperately to get t-shirts and personalized (handmade) cards together as soon as possible. To what address will we need to send them? Thanks.

  10. That is an AWESOME apron!! Well done!

  11. What a fun apron and it has a personality all its very own!

    I’m game for a May/June sewing project as the latter is going to be a super busy month for me, too.

  12. That is an amazing apron! Wow. I am impressed.

  13. That has to be the cutest apron I have ever laid my eyes on. Nice job!

  14. Very cute!!

  15. That is the festivIST apron for taco making EVER! Love it.

    I will pickie the winner for April and post it on 5/1 and then you can choose up our May-June project. Which is a great idea because those two months are JAMMED for me.


  16. Megan May 11, 2008

    The results are in…Meesh, the official Taco Mama, absolutely LOVES the apron! She says it is something that will stay in our family forever. Thanks for capturing our long-standing tradition in such a creative and meaningful way 🙂