I took a break from the heat and escaped to northern Arizona for the day, stirring up trouble in my old college haunts.

good morning, latte at La Bellavia

swedish pancakes

breakfast, after

Such as La Bellavia, where they serve the very best pancakes in the world. (Swedish, with blueberries and applesauce)

typical Flag

Route 66 and tracks

hippie mobile

typical residential street

yellow rose of Flagstaff

june 5 031

missing an apostrophe

poppies blowing in the wind

And downtown, where I could spend my salary in the blink of an eye at Babbit’s.



palace doors

Dork and a moon flower

Pretty spot in tlaquepaque

Le boots

Only in Sedona

Then there was Sedona, with it’s galleries, gardens and sweet scent. There is the most calming, peaceful perfume that hangs near the cottonwood-lined Oak Creek. I could sit and listen to the water trickle, curled up in the shade, all afternoon. Or, I could go to Oaxaca for margaritas on the patio. And a burrito.

{And yes, apparently by “old college haunts,” I meant a bakery and a Mexican restaurant. I guess some things never change.}

It is incredible what a brief change of scenery does for my perspective.



Work is going so well, but I’m finding I don’t have enough time to get everything done I’d like to accomplish. On the home front, the garden is being watered, the laundry folded, the dishes washed. With ultimate frisbee tonight and a fair amount of gym time peppering my week, I’m tired. I’m off tomorrow to Tucson to help my grandma with my ailing grandfather and great uncle.I hope to spend a fair chunk of my time curled up on the couch with knitting and a journal. There are so many questions about their childhood I’d like to have answered. I figure tomorrow is a great time to visit and give Gram a chance to take some time for herself.

So, a bit of desert beauty to keep spirits high in the meantime. I hope your week is going well!

Desert Beauties

Desert Beauties

Desert Beauties

Desert Beauties

Desert Beauties

Desert Beauties

Desert Beauties



chihuly 044

Yep, I’m just inappropriate and immature enough to have walked up to this installation and said a bit too loudly, “Boobies!”

chihuly 047

chihuly 048

Oh, come on. You were thinking it too.