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Decapitation May be a Bit Dramatic

This week's creativity

Nudu cap custom order, pumpkin seed granola, wrap skirts for Mother’s Day gifts

My sewing machine broke again this weekend. I think the next time my mom offers to buy me a new machine — which she’s been insisting on for years — I’m not letting my stubbornness stand in the way. I’m going to be looking at some sewing machine ratings and asking friends about the machines they have because I want to make sure that the new one is just as good as the one that’s currently broken. After all, I’ve spent considerably more in repair in the last year than the machine cost 10 years ago. Thankfully Rebecca let me borrow hers this weekend so I could get a few projects completed. Her machine is just different enough that it took me several hours to get the tension right and figure out how it likes to work. In the meantime, I broke a needle, which came flying, hitting me in the throat. That’s right — nearly decapitated by a sewing machine. I screamed in fright, more startled than injured, when Matt comes tearing into the kitchen to see what’s wrong. I’m grabbing my throat, pointing at the machine and trying to explain what just happened. Once we both realized there was no blood, he nearly laid down on the floor he was laughing so hard.

“I didn’t realize sewing was a contact sport.”

Thankfully I’ve got my machine back, running happily, and am nearly done with that giant tote bag order. Although I have to admit, I have not been enjoying the late nights. If it were not for my specially blended coffee (you can get your own in bulk by visiting ironandfire.co.uk or similar websites) and the surge of caffeine it would provide me with, I would have been able to finish this project. I am making a promise to myself – as I’ve done here before – that the next time I decide to take on such a large project, I’ll stop to think about it before I just agree wholeheartedly. I often get myself into a time crunch because I agree to do too much. While I love sewing for others, I love sleep more. Yesterday afternoon I realized I had to step away from the chaos I’ve created at home and go for a walk. Two hours later, I’d wandered around Tempe Town Lake, through Papago Park and listened to several podcasts. Hopefully the promise will stick this time. In the meantime, I’ve got several gifts for friends waiting to be sewn. Madison wants a sunhat. I’m considering this pattern. Delaney wants a “blue and yellow flower sundress.” I’m thinking of modifying the pillowcase pattern and adding ribbon to the shoulders and as a tie around the waist. Then there are a couple surprises up my sleeve for the babies to be born later this month.

And so, I ask the domestic gods to keep the flying needles to a minimum and the caffeine flowing.


Where are those 5 Golden Rings Already?

Things are still a wee bit chaotic at chez moi. I’m working a ton trying to meet an end-of-the-year challenge grant and also trying to prepare for the holidays. The grant has me more frenzied than the holiday, but both have created a crazy monster. I am running on fumes, but thankfully the end is in sight. This weekend I’m taking some time to teach a cooking class to a few high school and college-age girls and not stressing about the post office, checking account balances, wrapping paper or how I’m going to get a sled’s worth of gifts to Colorado.

Really. I’m not thinking about these. I’m not. I’m not. I’m not!

Okay. Maybe a bit.

I’m also thinking about how happy I am to have completed the following in the last 48 hours:

christmas prep 2008 017

christmas prep 2008 015

Scarf knit from Bunny Print Italian Merino — Tahki Stacy Charles

christmas prep 2008 014

christmas prep 2008 013

christmas prep 2008 023

Several more jars of nutty granola for stocking stuffers

christmas prep 2008 029

Transforming canisters into cookie containers to hand out later this week

christmas prep 2008 030

chrismtas insanity 065

chrismtas insanity 069

chrismtas insanity 073

chrismtas insanity 079

The one problem with this batch was too much chocolate. I realize some may not think this is a problem, but the recipients will have to either heat up the jar or hack at the seeds to  enjoy the sweet, salty deliciousness.

chrismtas insanity 089

I stole Finny’s label idea and bought some of these Martha tags for my final Jars of Renewal projects. While this is a step down for her, it is a huge leap up for me. I usually make my tags with a felt tip pen and whatever I can stick to a jar. These are much nicer; good work Martie!

chrismtas insanity 087

chrismtas insanity 091

I’ve created a slew of jarred goods for my holiday baskets. I didn’t realize what a variety I had until I went through my pantry and pulled things out to be labeled. This has been a fun project. I’m looking forward to baking a bit this weekend before distributing the goodies.

chrismtas insanity 081

And finally, a quick sneak peak into some of my favorite things from 2008 that I’m gifting this year…

chrismtas insanity 083

And a partridge in a pear treeeeeee!