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Mazel Tov!

Dradle Dradle Dradle!


First night -- a few days early

Kolberg: Best wine in the world. Love this Malbec

My very favorite wine in the world: Bolivian Malbec.

Trash can full of skins...

shredded potatoes, flour, onion and eggs

heating up


pushing them down


in the pan the go

Making Latkes with the Wrights

Flipping the cakes

Go potato!




Sour cream and apple sauce

What’s Yiddish for delicious? Because this gentile thoroughly enjoyed learning how to make latkes with the Wrights last night. Such a fun gathering of friends, great food, and of course with Adam (Salty Senor) — football.

The only downside of leaning over bubbling pans of frying food is you go home smelling like a McDonald’s employee. I woke up this morning, after having showered, and still felt like I smelled fried potatoes. It was coming from my laundry basket. Anyone else totally repulsed at smelling like food? I hate the stale coffee scent that sticks to your clothing in coffee shops too, which is why I keep a teeny bottle of Febreeze in my car. You laugh, but at least I admit to my neurotic behavior.

~Kelli, a Goya Berryer

Roscoe and Eloise

Meggie, Roscoe, Scott

My friends Meghann and Scott were in town this weekend to celebrate their son Roscoe’s first birthday. Any excuse I can get to spend with Meg’s family — the Brennans — I take. They are such a fun, down to earth group and there is always a cornucopia of food and booze.

More icing than you can imagine

Digging in

The Cake!

Roscoe, in all of his cookie monster cake excitement, was also spoiled with gifts. Meg put together a beautiful collection of photos from the last year that she put to music on a DVD. It was a party-stopper. The rest of us brought silly things, like a Wee Wonderfuls fleece bunny:


Bunny tail

This celebration was doubly special because Meg’s younger sister Katie is expecting her first babe with her hubby Henry. Their little girl — Eloise — will be here mid-March. The entire Irish clan has their green fingers crossed for a St. Patty’s day birth. Of course, being the pseudo-African in the room, I brought a little ethnic flare to celebrate the kid — a fleece and Mozambican capulana taggie blanket.

Ribbons for a new babe

Tag Blanket, inside African flare

I know these blankets are worthwhile because the last one I gave away went to Katie, whose mother sent me the following photo as proof:


If I ever needed a spokesmodel, I think I just found the perfect babe.