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Baby Luggage

Baby luggage

How sweet is this little luggage? I found it at my favorite paper store and when Rebecca and Matt decided to go lime green with their nursery and theme for new babe on the way, I knew this would be a part of the loot. It is pretty tiny, but a new liner for her baby pail fit just fine. They are going hippie-baby and cloth diapering.  You can imagine how excited I am to meet this wee one (Rebs and I have been friends since second grade. I cannot believe little Bec is having her own baby!) and to strongly encourage the new parents to stick with their eco-ideals.

I’ve got several essays bouncing around my head that need photos and a bit more attention; this week started with jury duty and suddenly running an office sola. So, I am here. Just furiously trying to keep up with life.  More meaningful content coming soon, including a last CAOK push before Easter!

I hope you are all well!



I’ve got Christmas fever this year and it is the worst case I’ve had since childhood. My home is decorated, I’m wearing sweaters (a sign of Christmas in Arizona), my Pandora station is set to “Classical Christmas” and my cards are long since in the mail. It is pretty ridiculous how much I love the holidays and tradition.

Super secret Christmas sewing project

That said, I can’t show what I’ve been working on because it would ruin the surprise. Let’s just say I’ve been very busy sewing and soon hope to be wrapping. Community dinner is set for Thursday and I’m dragging everyone out afterward to go caroling through the neighborhood. I haven’t done that in ages and figured it would be a fun way to publicly humilate myself, so why not invite friends along? Someone is bringing schnapps for the hot cocoa. We’ll have a little liquid courage to help with “These Three Kings.”

Nudu in process

Nudu basket

When sewing gets frustrating, I’ve been knitting away on the latest nudu cap. It is nearly complete and should go in the mail later this week. Just in time too because I’ve got two beanies and a scarf I need to knit in the next two weeks. Nothing like a deadline to keep a girl focused.

Hope your holiday prep is also going well!

Fa la la,