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Adventathon: 17

Peruvian knit cap

Advent: 17

A friend recently asked me for a “white knit cap with ear flaps.”

Advent: 17

This got me thinking about that incredible journey I took several years ago to see Machu Picchu.

MP terraces

Kelli, Machu Picchu

The Peruvians wore fabulous knit caps, sweaters and scarves from llama wool. What did I wear? A thin Gap cotton sweater that kept me just above hypothermia. I got wet about 4 days before this photo was taken. I was still wearing the same clothes (backpacking) and still freezing.


How I wished I’d dressed like a Peruvian for this trip. Look how woolly and warm these babies are!

Good morning MP

That said, I would do it all again tomorrow if I had the chance. Machu Picchu remains the single most incredible place I’ve ever visited — where one can’t help but feel the power of God and man’s creation when they align.


A knit cap with ear flaps, a bunch of reminiscing and a happy recipient it is!


Holiday Hangover


I’m not talking booze either. Why is it so miserably difficult to get back into routine after a few days of lounging? When my alarm went off this morning, I considered crying before anything else. It doesn’t help that it is dark, dark, dark and (Arizona) cold this time of year either.That said, I hauled my butt to the gym and felt better for doing so. I had one of the most topsy turvy Thanksgivings yet.

Yay! Let’s Have more Turkey List:

– Father/Daughter day was an A+, including time with 007 and catching up with the man I love most in this world.

– Peaceful, loving time with my mom. We have gotten along better on this trip than any in the last few years. I am savoring this and trying to keep the momentum going for our Christmas in Denver in a few weeks.

– Gobs of time to read (three novels!), nap, knit, sew, bake, run and two great bike rides, including one with Chris. He kicked my butt royally.

– Time with my girlfriends, including watching one man in particular impress my socks off at karaoke. “Sweet Caroline” will never be the same. GameĀ  and pizza night was a kick too, although I know very little 1980s trivia and my team was a disaster.

– The garden is sprouting beets.

– My mom fixed my computer, among other random things that needed attention around the house.

– My dad “borrowed” my car and put new and much needed tires on it. Say it with me: spoiled rotten!

The Could Have Done Without List:

-Insensitive comments. We don’t live in the 1940 and it is not appropriate to stick your finger in my face and say “Shame on me” under any circumstance.

– Pie crust. Pastry grosses me out; I love to bake it and disgust eating it.

– Extended family drama, causing me to temporarily lose my marbles and cry for about 100 miles on I10. Yikes.

Some drama, but for the most part a great holiday. I hope your Thanksgiving also gave you a lengthy list of things to be grateful for.


You Say Black Friday, I say JoAnn’s

fabric 013

Black Friday purchase

I did it; I got up with the crazies this morning and stood in line before our neighborhood JoAnn’s with my 20% off coupon in hand a visions of fleece and flannel dancing through my head. I actually ran to the right section, grabbed with might and within 20 minutes was waiting for my stash to be cut. Would you believe I was within the first 15 in the store and it still took an hour? There were people with carts full of bolts in front of me and four taxed women with scissors blazing behind the counter.

It was fun to hear what others were working on — many were dashing through the aisles to gather greatly discounted supplies for charity projects. There was much chatter about different hospital groups and cancer patients receiving soft, sweet new blankets soon.

Although I would have loved the search the racks at Tarjay for some new clothing and books, I headed home to get to sewing. I’ve got enough fabric here for 10 Christmas gifts and a little more than three weeks to make this happen. Nothing like a deadline and a deal to get me motivated. This fleece was $6 a yard, but today $1.49 and with my coupon I got the entire lot for less than $70. Just doing my part to help the economy, that is.

Hope your Thanksgiving was plentiful and peaceful!