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A Bit of Focus

May 19th

A wee bit focused

I do my best with a firm plan in place, which is why once upon a time, I created a similar chart for my 1/2 Ironman. That chart got me through thousands of miles of training (okay, maybe 1 thousand miles) on my own and saw me through the best race of my life. I’m hoping this chart sees me through a summer of running and yoga and to a couple personal best times in the 10K and 1/2 marathon. I’m also participating in the 100 Pushup Challenge.

The truth is, I’m not a natural athlete*. I’m not particularly good at any single sport I’ve ever tried to master. But I am stubborn, which comes in handy when trying to finish a novel, a 60-day-yoga challenge, manage three jobs, or any of the other crazy challenges I’ve pushed myself through. So, I may not be running any races at an Ethiopian pace, but I can promise you I’ll finish and give it all I’ve got.

I’m looking forward to a summer of long and short runs through the desert, around Tempe Town Lake, with friends, alone, with dogs, with music and with my two legs that I know will see me to success.

What are your goals this summer?


* And yet? This doesn’t stop me from making bold statements at dinner parties, challenging friends and friends’ husbands to tennis matches, golf, bowling, etc. I wish my athletic ability could actually keep up with my cocky confident blabber mouth for once.

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April 28th

A couple Mud Run pics, although we didn’t take any “after” shots. It is funny, I kept wondering yesterday why my arms are bruised and my feet are so beat up. DUH!

Mud Run

Mud Run!

And yes, to be a smart ass I gave myself a mud beard. I like to think of it as a mask. The entire experience was rather exfoliating.


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Mud Run

April 26th


Juliann talked Adam, Matty and I into running a 6 mile mud run with her this weekend; it was one of the silliest things I’ve done, and so worth it. Not only did it provide an opportunity to swim, crawl and jump in mud pits, but I got to do so with some of my closest friends and a gazillion strangers too. The shrieks from a bunch of adults jumping in mud — our collective inner child returned happily and had such a great time.



Matt and Adam, logically, pre-gamed with some breakfast beer. (And gravel guards.)

Mud Run

Next year I am going to wear a two-piece Speedo, old running shoes and a bandana. Wardrobe malfunctions were plentiful at this race. If you can imagine, I was left to run more than 5 miles with yoga pants full of mud in the mid-section — if you get my drift.   It wasn’t pleasant. It was actually a bit rashy and abrasive. I had also foolishly worn hiking shoes. My legs and shoes were weighed down with so much mud, it was like running with kettle bells attached to my ankles. But we sucked it up and made the most of it, mainly by walking most of the race and thoroughly having fun when mud obstacles came into play. (It was also very helpful to have Juliann at my side. She is remarkably encouraging. Adam just made me giggle. Matty met us at the finish line, clean and dry — long having finished. Whatev.)

Thankfully, it did remind me of my love of running and my inherent competitive spirit. It has been far too long since I’ve run regularly or raced for anything. Time to get back into the routine and pick out a new goal.

Just an average Saturday morning!


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May 25th

Good thing this is for a very understanding child

Green Sombrero

Far from perfect, but the journey was educational. This pattern kicked my ass.

What a wonderful weekend this has been; another gorgeous baby born to a  Ya Ya — Emerson Louise, 8 pounds, 21 inches! Rebecca is the gladiator of labor and her husband couldn’t be more perfect for her. They were at the brink of hysterical exhaustion yesterday before the birth and yet Matt was her rock. Along with her family, she was surrounded by love when the new sweet (and loud) baby arrived. Emme is just perfect.

In between hospital runs and kitchen adventures, I’m tying up loose ends this weekend. A sewing project here that needs one final step, a garden that needed weeding and new coffee grounds, a home that needed cleaning and stacks of ironing now completed. I think the gift of time is the most precious. Time to do whatever you want, however you want — does life get better?

I’m back to running with several Fall races in mind. I find that my day is much more structured when I get up to run first thing. I can plan and meditate on how the day will unfold. I am more disciplined in my thoughts and what I eat — both key to my overall mood and happiness. Running any sort of distance is a spiritual practice; I have to turn off the music and tune into my breath, reconnecting. There needs to be a word for the rush of emotion at the end of a great run — when you take a huge gulp of intensely satisfying water, feeling the rivulets of sweat falling from your limbs and brow and your heart beginning to calm. Everything is tingling in exhaustion and relief.

I feel invincible in this moment.

Now, to carry forward that strength and resolve into the day,


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A New Balance?

January 16th

Happy runner

Why the goofy smile?

Ready for a good hard run

Because yesterday was “new running shoes day!,” one of my favorites. I get new sneaks every 500 miles or so and was in great need. I can always tell when it is time to trade in a pair because my arches ache after a couple miles. (And sometimes you can feel a pebble or two through your sole if you’ve really worn them too long.)

New Running Shoe Day

Thanks to Santa, I had a generous Foot Locker gift certificate to use toward these fabulous New Balance babies.

eager runner

They made getting out for an afternoon run yesterday that much more fun!

Happy Friday friends,


P.S. Sticking with those resolutions, I signed up for Ultimate Spring Season today. Let’s hope this time around it goes much better than last.

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