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February 22nd

beautiful superstition mountains

Where I ran Sunday — the beautiful Superstition Mountains.

I’m thrilled so many people are excited about CAOK! Thank you for the fantastic feedback. I’m going to post ideas and photos of projects. I’ve also organized a flickr gallery if you are interested in showing others how you are participating. I’m trying to find the precarious balance here between congratulatory and motivational. The point of CAOK isn’t to pat yourself on the back; then again I am regularly inspired by other’s blogs to act — so there needs to be some sharing.

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A button for CAOK participants:


Created by lovely Colleen. Thank you!

Ideas for week one:
~Send your grandparents, parents, best friends a letter. You know the joy of receiving a piece of great mail. Why not stop to pick up a few postcards next time you are at the market? It will take you less than 30 minutes to write out 10 cards and imagine the joy you’ll spread.

~ Burn some great music and share CDs. Mail them out, leave them anonymously on your coworker’s desk, give one to your child’s teacher.

~ Bake. Everyone loves baked goods. You can make them healthy with a bit of applesauce vs. butter substitution. Wrap up your cupcakes, cookies, bread and tie them with a ribbon. Leave them on the doorstep with a note (who is going to eat something left anonymously?), take your goods to the local shelter, or hand them out to street folk you may see on your way to work.

This week is by far the busiest week of the year for me at work. I haven’t had two seconds to bake, write or craft — ahem, note to self, consider practicing what you preach — but hope to catch up with myself Sunday. I’ve got a bit of In Stitches sewing to do too. Gulp.

the state of my front seat

That said, I couldn’t help but laugh looking at my front seat this morning. Oy. This accurately describes the craziness of my life at the moment. Notice the coconut and chocolate from last week’s cupcake disaster. And my running shoes, socks, moleskin from the ill-fated trail run two weeks ago. Moleskin is fantastic, by the way. My feet didn’t hurt one bit during the race Sunday.

Maybe I should add “hand out moleskin to runners in your life” on the above list. Ha!

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17 Responses

  1. Hope you get some rest on Sunday.

    I just got IN Stitches from the library yesterday. Alas, I don’t think I am going to get any sewing done before I have to return the book. However, after the move, I will probably buy the book.

    Funny, I was planning on sending out some letters this weekend.

  2. I LOVE Arizona! There is such beauty all around.

  3. Wow, CAOK is a great idea. I’m not sure the Romans would understand it (this city is more like CAOR, calculated acts of rudeness) but in any case I definitely would like to do my part, as much as I can… I have a lot of people I would love to drop random cards to! YOU included!

  4. I think they celebrate CAOR in France too. Kelli, this is awesome. Count me in.

  5. if i had beautiful vistas like that to look at i’d run, too. and maybe, just maybe you’re traveling over flat ground? thanks for the CAOK. that’s a great idea. i’d love to participate. time though, that’s the problem! where to find the time? any time management suggestions?

  6. I waved at the person I cut off in traffic today. Does that count?

  7. great design! and i love your suggestions. i’m going to drop my great aunt a note tonight. we regularly email, but i know how fun it is to receive snail mail!

  8. Hey darlin’ – I am joining the kindness crusade too 🙂 I didn’t respond to the last post, but know that rosalicious is participating in CAOK!

  9. Hope your busy week is going well!! Your car looks great compared to mine! 😉 I’m so excited to be part of your fantastic idea! Take good care….

  10. CAOK is a wonderful idea. Count me in, Kelli. (Like I really needed to sign up for one more thing!!!–But this is stuff we all should be doing anyway, right?)

  11. Wonderful idea! I’ll join in 🙂 Your car is much cleaner than mine btw – mine is full of mud!

  12. love the ideas for week one. the writing is definitely on my list… this month was ‘keep in touch’ month for us in our new year’s list and it has been super-busy… so catching up and extending it into march! and baking… don’t need an excuse for that 🙂

  13. I would like to join CAOK too! Lord knows I need to try something, I;ve been a short tempered, impatient, taking everything personally, you know what the past few months. I have no idea what started it but I need to try to end it! The next 40 days, huh? Here goes…

  14. All fabulous ideas – the one obvious one that I’d like to add (mainly because it is how I am planning on starting) is just plain being kind. Smiling at a stranger, making small talk with the cashier at the store, being patient in situations in which patience is being tried. I swear, if more people would remember these things, think about how much nicer the world would be…

    (I try to do these things every day, but I admit, I get busy, I forget, I get impatient…)

  15. CAOK sounds like a wonderful idea – I’ve noticed quite a few wonderful ideas start on youre blog – I look forawrd to following along!

  16. Hubby and I often pay for an elderly couple or lone elderly persons’ meal at a restaurant!
    We ask their waitress for their bill and we pay it…asking the waitress not to tell them whom paid for it!
    Or while in the drive thru line we pay for the person behind us meal!


    God Bless,Dolly

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