Taking Action

Enviro tools of the trade

Today is Blog Action Day where bloggers around the world are encouraged to post about the environment — one of my favorite topics to discuss. There are many ways I’ve modified my behavior in the last few years to be more green — like bringing my own grocery sacks to the store and my own cup to the coffee shop — and a few other changes I’ve only recently noticed that could be considered environmental.
Yesterday I met some friends for breakfast at a bagel shop 20 miles from my house. By riding my bike, I saved a gallon of gas round trip. I washed my car yesterday at the $.25 coin operated spot and literally ran like mad to make it happen within the initial 4-minute $1.25 time slot. I am also trying to consume and eat less, recognizing every little bit adds up.
Ultimately, what I think we need to remember is that we cannot shop ourselves green with new light bulbs or hybrid cars. We cannot eat ourselves thin with 100-calorie packs of crackers. We cannot pull ourselves out of financial ruin by shopping sales that “save.” Nice marketing ploys! If we make these choices because they fit in our budgeting, nutrition, environmental plans — that is another story. Simply, I think we can focus on using less and walking more — those two things alone will make us all healthier.
Crafting, the do-it-yourself movement, cooking at home and gardening are forms of domestic sustainability that work toward these two goals. One day, I will grow much of my own food, live on solar power, trade my car in for a mountain bike and live with the seasons.