Taking the Good with the Bad, Part II

July 31st

Remember when I said I can’t read a sewing pattern to save my life? I wasn’t kidding.
I present my latest sewing blunder, in full effect. This was intended as a baby gift — a cute little summer romper dress. I love the colors, the cut and the apparent simplicity of the design.

Baby's dress, front

Ah, from the front, you are so cute. So sweet. So very hippie 1970s child running through field of daisies.

Baby's dress, back

From the back you are pure evil. Look how your edges don’t match. And what is that giant tear in the fabric?

Why I shouldn't be left to sew alone

Oh right. That giant tear. That would be a seam trimming gone terribly awry.
Thankfully, I’ve found someone patient enough to give me some sewing lessons. I brought this to a friend’s house last night and after she calmed down from her fit of laughter, she pulled out an entire trunk of childrens clothing she’s designed, piece, patterned, etc. I was sent home with the homework of cutting out two new dresses and returning with a notebook to take plenty of suggestions down in ink.
I know practice makes perfect. So, I’m trying to hide my impatience and promise myself I’ll try this again. And if she can’t help me, I’m pretty sure the children’s section at Target is the next stop.


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9 Responses

  1. that dress is so, so cute. If it were me, I would just handstitch the tear in the back closed, and hand it over with a smile. They’ll never know!
    …gah- lining in tops- I never attempt it!

  2. Oh Kelli, you are so funny. The dress is so cute. Nice that you found a friend to give you lessons. Keep on!

  3. Would you believe my mother did that same thing to my wedding dress…the day before the wedding?!?!?! A little stitch witchery and a little hand sewing and all was good and no one ever knew. I still think it is absolutely adorable.

  4. You did way better than I would, so don’t be too hard on yourself!

  5. I love the color and relate to the dilema. My mother is a sewing wonder, I didn’t get those genes. Hope you enjoy your lessons.

  6. Pattern’s are just a total nightmare. I can only do one, a basic elastice waist 3/4 lenght shorts that I make for Gwen. Four peices of pabric and I can still get in a mess if I don’t make them often enough to remember how to do them!!! Your dress is so sweet. I sure a couple little stiches on that tear will be fine.

  7. Lessons will be awesome because it’s spending time with a friend too. Just be patient–it’s all a learning process. I’ve been sewing for years and I sewed a pocket in upside down the other night. Me and my seam ripper are like ‘this’ 😉

  8. You sound just like me. I have a phobia of patterns. But persistance has yielded some good things anyway! I just wish I knew how to put in zippers!