Tall Ironwoman, hold the half

I finished! In 7 hours flat, I finished the 1/2 ironman this afternoon. It was — gasp — actually much easier than I thought it was going to be. Don’t get me wrong, there was a considerable amount of walking toward the end, but my brother jumped in (wearing flip flops no less) and kept me company for the last 3 miles. It was incredible. And when I saw the finish line, I let out a little shout of joy that couldn’t have been more sincere.
The number of people I had out there cheering for me was impressive. Several other competitors mentioned my cheer squad. I really am one of the luckiest people; I am surrounded by great friends.
I can’t wait to do a full Ironman. 2009, Tempe. That’s the plan. Tomorrow may be another story.
I’ll post photos soon. Thank you again!!