Tendrils of hope

Gorgeous little blooms

Hello there!

There is something so spectacularly beautiful about the tenderness growing in the garden. The wateremelon, squash and pumpkin have all sent out these fragile, curling twiny arms — searching for something to cling to.  The blooms are cantalope orange and stay open only in the early morning, recoiling as soon as the sun gets too high.

august 21

At the community garden, the okra is blooming and I cannot pick it fast enough.

august 21

I handed out another five bags full yesterday, along with a collection of recipes. I intended to keep a few for baking today (throwing them in with zucchini for sweet breads) and completely forgot.

august 21

The watermelons at the community garden are thriving with irrigated water.

august 21 024

And thankfully the solarization is working. These plastic sheets act like microwaves, zapping everything trapped underneath and skillfully killing Bermuda grass without a drop of chemical. We’ll use these as future plots refugee families interested in playing.

august 21

Really, what Monday is complete without seeing a field of okra?

{Might be the weirdest sentence I’ve ever written.}

If you live in Phoenix and want to help out this fantastic community project — we’ve got a workday planned this Friday and could use your help.  Leave a comment and I’ll contact you with details!