Tenth Day of Christmas

December 23rd

trophies from a well played childhood: Tenth Day of Christmas

I wish for more time outside to play. The kid in me is shining through in this wish, but next year, I’d love the chance to hike, bike, camp, climb, kayak, swim, run, jump and skip my way through new trails and old dusty roads I’ve traveled before. Maybe I’ll join the Sierra Club for regular outings. I’m getting on board with a new tri group in January and am going to make a bid at this too.

blurry swimmer: Ninth Day of Christmas

Friends comment to me regularly that they “HATE!! running” and “don’t you get bored?” Running seems to be one of those black or white sports that you either love or hate and for many, many years I fell in the rare gray area. No longer. It is a spiritual practice for me. Just me, my favorite shoes in my closet and the open road gives plenty of time for prayer — even if it is the occasional, “Sweet Jesus, when is this run going to be done?” Hey, not all days are good ones. I love running for many reasons, and yes I do get bored at times. You learn to incorporate new routes, new music, new running buddies and you do what you have to to keep it fresh.
Anyway, for those I love, I wish for you to find a form of play you love — may it be aerobics, water polo, walking, mountain climbing, whatever suits your fancy.


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  1. We’re doing the Highline trail in late July, 2008. Better put aside 10 days of PTO and start carrying a 40 lb backpack on some of these runs… Oh, and start liking Ramen a whole lot.

  2. Pray extra hard for me…exercising always seems to be the last thing I make time for. =[

  3. I love to run. But I like it inside on a treadmill 🙂

  4. stopping by to wish you a merry christmas and a peaceful and healthy 2008!

  5. I was always kind of so-so with running. It wasn’t until the past year when I started training for my first 10k that I started to love running. It’s hard to get out there this time of year where I live, but I managed to squeeze in a very peaceful 4 miler this morning…nothing but me and the crunch of the snow under my sneakers. I find that a good run really helps clear my head and maintain my sanity in a very hectic holiday season!

  6. happy holidays sweet friend!

  7. You might check out ESTCK too. Far less formal, and good way to get group events in. For me, especially the open water swims.

    If you haven’t done Ragnar Relay, I’d recommend finding a team for that too. It’s a lot of fun.


  8. er… most training stuff that I know of that works for me is coordinated over at BeginnerTriathlete.

    I’m a dork for not putting it in my original post.

  9. I’m sure you knew that I’d comment by saying that I used to “Not run” and claimed to “hate running.” Now, not so. Of course there are always those runs where you’re like, “What the F am I doing? This is retarded. I should be at home lying down by the football.”, but most of the time I just look forward to some free time for my brain to roam.

    I’m moving, so technically “doing something”, which means I can space the hell out and let my brain think about whatever it wants. An hour goes by so quickly that way.

  10. swimming, you forgot swimming!!
    I hate to run. heh! Merry Christmas K!

  11. I think you need to be a runner to love running. My knees won’t let me run much any more and I miss it. I really love my games of squash though.

  12. Sure hope you don’t get rid of too many of those “awards”. You’ll regret it later. I know.
    Trust me. Don’t give them up. Your kids are gonna LOVE seeing them.
    the proud owner of an “outhouse” trophy