Thankful and blood. BLOOD.

Thanksgiving with the W Family


Let’s just get the blood part out of the way right now. See that device above? It is a mandoline. Not to be confused with the charming and folksy mandolin stringed instrument. No. No. This thing is a digital death trap. There I was at 6 am on Thursday morning, waiting on the coffee, peeling sweet potatoes and defrosting pie crusts I’d made earlier in the week when I thought, “I know! I’ll use that slicer thing Jason keeps under the counter to cut these into perfect circles.”

What I did not think was, “I know! I’ll slice off a chunk of my thumb and go streaming up the stairs with blood rushing down my arm crying that I need stitches, awakening the household in what came to be a very dramatic interpretation of a minor cut.”

It bled enough that I got out of dishes later that day — so there is the win. I’m also planning on throwing this thing away when he isn’t looking, which I mentioned later in the weekend to a “oh no you won’t!” look. Let’s move on.

Thanksgiving with the W Family


Cheese plate! With cute chalk cheese signs and homemade cranberry chutney. A winner all around.

Thanksgiving with the W Family


My gram’s blueberry apple pie, which did not go so well this time. I think I didn’t use enough butter, or it didn’t cook long enough. (This photo is before it is going in the oven.)

Thanksgiving with the W Family


Weather — another win. My goodness was this weekend in Phoenix gorgeous. We had a great meal on the patio and lounged outside afterward too.

Thanksgiving with the W Family


And I am thankful for this family, who bring over gorgeous turkeys that I do not have to cook but I get to eat for a week. It was SO good. (Way better than the fried stuff I’d had the couple years prior.)

I hope you and your turkeys also had a wonderful weekend!

Now, let’s move on to Christmas shenanigans, shall we?


3 Replies to “Thankful and blood. BLOOD.”

  1. Um, yeah. The mandoline can blow me. That thing is a total arm eater and the reason why I have the slicing attachment for my food processor. Which has never tried to eat my arms or fingers.

    Even my chef friend from Google prefers ANYTHING over the mandoline.

    Death trap, that thing.

    Glad you had a happy turkey otherwise 🙂

  2. Those things are pretty dangerous. I hardly ever use one because I’m such a klutz, it’s bound to end badly.

    I love that you got to eat outside! That would be awesome. Now I need photos of a cactus wrapped in Christmas lights! =)

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