That’s What You Get for Owning Designer Makeup. Love, the Universe

May 8th

I’m battling a wicked eye infection this week, which I thought was pink eye yesterday. Today? Not so sure. I have some lovely photos of my eyes that would make yours instantly burn with empathy. My biggest woe is that I’m going to have to throw away my $45 Christian Dior mascara, which was a gift that I’ve been using sparingly and loving. And of course, I used it Sunday just before the first symptoms glued my peepers shut.

{Waving my fist at the universe!}

Enough whining. While the antihistamines are still working and I’m not yet sleepy — some weekend sewing:

patchwork scarf
Jackie's patchwork scarf
ribbon detail

A scrappy scarf I whipped together for a girlfriend’s 63rd birthday Sunday. She’s traveling to Alaska this summer on vacation and I know she loves turquoise. I love using up my scraps and pairing turquoise with chocolate brown grosgrain ribbon. Voila — a bit of sass for her travels.


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22 Responses

  1. Darn that Christian Dior! Hope your eye unglues itself pronto. And love the scarf. You are so thoughtful. And tourquoise and brown? What’s not to love?

  2. I had the same thing happen with another line and they let me return it. You might want to try, they are usually good about it. Feel better.

  3. Having to throw away $45 makeup would make me cry. : (
    I hope your eye clears up soon! Yikes!
    Great scarf/sash – so pretty.

  4. That happened to me just a few months ago! Of course, I am cheap so I only had to throw out one contact and a tube of mascara that cost $7.00.
    Best wishes to a speedy recovery! I know how much this sucks!

  5. Love the scarf, the colours are awesome. What’s not to like about turquoise and chocolate brown.

    Hope your eye is better soon.

  6. Pretty scarf.

    Hope you don’t have anything serious going on with your eye. Yikes.

    My Jack had pink eyes yesterday, but I don’t think it was “pink eye.” I kept him home from school, but sent him today. One eye was still very red today. (No oozing though.)

  7. I love that you have 63 year old girlfriends.

  8. ohmy goodness! i just recovered from an eye infection and i think the crying over having to toss expensive eye makeup couldn’t have been good for my eyes! love the scarf!

  9. I am so sorry about your eye infection–that’s a miserable thing to endure.

    The scarf you made is fabulous–I love the colors, fabric prints, and the whole overall effect. You’re so good to your friends, Kelli, and I know (having been a recipient of your wonderful gifts) that your friend will adore her scarf.

  10. i was just going to write ‘i love that you have 65 year old girlfriends’ when I noticed that someone else already did!
    She’ll love her scarf- it looks stylish and comfy.
    Hope your eye feels better soon!

  11. That looks like a bit of Amy Butler sass?? love the color combo, beautiful thing chocolate and turquoise.

  12. Sassy AND stylin’! I love the scarf and the fabrics you chose.
    Hope your eye gets better really soon.

  13. As someone who is constanty on guard about pink eye (and head lice) I don’t think it is pink eye if you can open your eyes at. all. Nevertheless, probably wise to chuck the mascarra. Rats!

    The scarf is great! Even when your down your not out crafty wise!

  14. sorry about your eyes 🙁 i found out in a similiar way that i’m allergic to le mer (sp) some super fancy expensive stuff that was supposed to make me look younger! stick with good ol maybelene.

  15. I’ve given up on trying to wear mascara. I’ve tried expensive department store, drug store, non-allergenic, sensitive eyes — you name it, I’ve tried it. None of it works!

  16. Ms Lala May 8, 2007

    Of all the mascaras to stay away from, it’s Dior. You’d think that they would be a better one seeing as how they’re so expensive, but the word on the beauty market (I have an inside connection), is that they’re stuff is not up to par with some of the other mascaras out there. If you are in the market for another one, L>ancome, Pre>scriptives, and or good old pink and green May>beline are a good choice. I have issues with my eyes and in the past, Maybelin>e has always been good to my peepers.

  17. Jennifer D May 9, 2007

    Love the scarf! As for the mascara…I dish out the big bucks for my foundation and blush but go with the good ‘ole Cover Girl mascara. Changing every 6 months (I know, I know, they recommend every 3 months!) just got to be too expensive and I (not sure about others) can’t tell the difference! Since I wear contacts I like the purple tube of Cover Girl…I find it doesn’t flake off or irritate my eyes. Good luck! Also. I sent my goodie bags to you yesterday, look for them in a couple of days. Have you been receiving bags? Are you getting close to your goal?

  18. so sorry about your eyes! that sucks. i am very cheap with mascara because of the whole 6-months thing that you are supposed to do (not that i really remember but i try…) freebies + maybelline all the way. eyeshadow, though, now that i can hang onto until the next millenium. hmmm.

  19. what a lovely scraf, and a great use of scraps too! i hope that your eye clears up very soon. eye problems are really no fun at all. bummer about the mascara, that would make me cry!

  20. no! is it really the $45 Christian Dior mascara that caused the problem? how hateful. that seems like such a waste. i have a sample tube of it that macy’s sent me. my favorite mascara is Chanel’s inimitable. i think it’s a bit more affordable at $25 a pop.

  21. Did I just read that you used to own a tube of mascara that cost $45?

  22. I hope your eyes are better soon.

    And I love, love, love that scarf you made. So pretty.