The Brittany Yoga Bag

Brittany Yoga Bag

My friend Brittany recently celebrated a birthday, and this summer completed a 30 day Bikram challenge. She is a dear friend; we met through a mutual girlfriend in Phoenix and immediately hit it off. Brit introduced me to her friends in her hometown of Indianapolis, who hosted a book signing and party earlier this year for my novel. In another odd story, I bought a house full of furniture from her now fiance. My life is richer, funnier and more entertaining because of her kindness.

Brittany Yoga Bag

I’ve been wanting to make a yoga bag that holds the full length of a rolled yoga mat in an exterior pocket. This was the perfect opportunity. The pattern I designed resulted in a HUGE bag, enough for a clean set of clothing, towel, water and a box of post-class smugness.

Brittany Yoga Bag

Brittany Yoga Bag

Brittany Yoga Bag

I will play with the dimensions for a future tutorial, if there is interest. I am particularly pleased with how this decor weight fabric worked in creating a cross-body strap. This bag is not going to die anytime soon.


::interior zipper pocket, 8″ zipper

:: interior set of deep pockets for keys and a phone

:: 1.5 yards decor-weight fabric (this is from Ikea)


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  1. Brittany LOVES it!! I’m inspired to go do more yoga! :0) Thank you, thank you, thank you. Looking forward to the day when we can all get together!

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