The Downside of International Travel

I went to visit a family doctor this morning, something I haven’t done since I saw a pediatrician. Seriously.
It’s not that I’m scared of visiting the doctor, but more that I’m really, really lazy. I’m also really, really healthy — usually. I eat well, exercise daily, wear sunscreen and all that walking-the-public-health-talk sort of stuff. But I’ve been home for three weeks from my latest international journey and the funny thing is, my stomach is still acting like I’m in Rocky Point, sipping tequila between bites of dogg-o tacos.
So, I made an appointment and guess what he told me? (No really, I couldn’t have guessed this either.) Apparently traveling to countries like Mozambique and Nicaragua and working in public health makes me a wee bit susceptible to our dear friend tuberculosis.
I may be the only person on earth who knows how to gain weight when possibly infected with a disease fondly known as CONSUMPTION. My God. What could this bacteria be consuming? Certainly not the weight around my mid-section. Or all the food that has been exiting my body exactly three hours after I’ve eaten it. Oh stomach, how you torture me.
So this week I’m spending my margarita budget on the not-so-glamorous or nearly as enjoyable chest X-rays, blood tests and antibiotics. Lovely.
The doctor had the gall to ask me if I’d be “doing this work for a long time?” Why yes, yes I will be. I love my job, although this bonus was not detailed in my contract.


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  1. Jeesh…a little scary! When will you know? What about Mexico? I’m there every couple months for work.

    I’ll be keeping you in my prayers 🙂

  2. Oh man…I feel your pain.

    Hmmm…you aren’t like the dying woman in La Traviata? Man it took her forever to die of consumption! 😉

    Feel better soon!

  3. Oh Kelli, I am SO sorry to hear about this. I hope that you get to feeling better asap!!! What a bummer. But doesn’t the alcohol in margaritas kill bacteria? Ok, no joking matter…sorry! So bizarre.

  4. Hey!! Ooh hope you’re feeling better miss Kelli. Ummm LOL Catrina re the POOP comment 😉 Thank you for the very sweet note you posted me. nx

  5. Oh that’s too bad! I hope now that you will have treatment you start feeling better and you can think about your next trip plans without thinking about your stomach…take care!

  6. Oh Crikey! It hardly seems fair that when you’re in these countries doing GOOD things you get feeling yucky! Argh! Oh the injustice!! I hope that it’s not TB and you’re feeling better soon. And soon that margarita budget can go back to being for margaritas!!!

  7. Yeek! Consumption? Tuberculosis? Your mom is going to freak. Do they have these health issues in the Sudan? Cuz this situation isn’t going to help your case there either.

    Seriously though — I hope you are back to normal soon and your tummy and budget are back up to margarita slurping capacity.

    Please let me know how things progress. Finny can come to your house and take care of the Donk!

  8. Oh dear,there’s lots of scarry things to catch in this lovely world of ours. Glad you went to the doctor. Take care, and make sure you take all the medicene they give you.

  9. OH MY! I seriously hope you’re doing better in the next couple weeks.. keep us posted..meanwhile I have to read your newest post..which I saw had a bit of an update…take care!

  10. Oh, Kelli, what news! Keep my fingers crossed that it’s something less scaring and easy to treat, once it’s found.
    Take care and don’t do too much butterflying!

  11. KELLI!

    I had TB as a kid, and I can’t believe you got it! We’ll be sick together. Me with the Walking Pneumonia, and you with the TB.

    Feel better, take care of yourself. If you need anything, let me know!

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