The Finny!

July 18th

Finny’s visit was all things good: company, adventure, relaxation, laughter, food and plenty of nonsense. There are so few friendships that leave me as fulfilled. I couldn’t be luckier to have this girl, and all of her profane hilarity and tendencies toward shenanigans, in my life.




It was a weekend of nonstop activity + costumes: drinks at Linger, with the best view of the city’s skyline; long walks with the dogs and a hike in El Dorado state park; a baseball game in which the Rockies lost after a valiant effort; a German beer festival where Finny and Sheila both wore dirndls (post to come); a tour of a friend’s garden and bee hives (when Finny wore the crazy suit) and nonstop chatter. We could talk the paint off walls.

I’ve got several posts on deck to honor the sheer mass of photos taken; in the meantime, time to prep for another wave of great friends arriving this week. Someone must have let the secret out of the bag. Denver? Well it’s kinda heaven in the summer.


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4 Responses

  1. Alaina July 18, 2011

    A friendship like that is a true gift in life!

  2. So glad you guys have had a great time!

  3. Love it! And I’m sorry but I have to say Finny looks like a small child hiding behind that well-endowed tequila. Hope it was fabulous. Good friends are the stuff of life. Really, they are.

  4. Aw, glad you’re having such a fun summer in Colorado with lots of visitors! 🙂