The Frugal Fashion Challenge

April 11th

La Fashionista: Red

My church is leading a series on money—namely how we have fears associated with money, which lead to careless behaviors. (I first typed that as “carless behaviors,” which could either be a poor financial decision, or the result of some seriously fabulous environmental frugality.) This series has me thinking about budgets and how to save more to help those in need. Homelessness, hunger and refugees are always on my heart. If I spend less on say, the Old Navy clearance rack—on things that aren’t made well, I’m not going to wear often, and I will sooner than later take to Goodwill—I can instead give more.

La Fashionista: Red

I want to consume less and be more thoughtful about what I can do with the money I earn.

Fashion is art. I struggle a bit spiritually with the balance between fashion and vanity. And, fashion inherently feeds consumerism. So, I am challenging myself to not buying anything new to wear for six months. Instead, I’m going to be creative with the ample closet I own, and mix and match with some creativity.

La Fashionista: Red

This challenge is set to turn that on its head. Instead, I’m going to wear what I have and celebrate it. And in this, I hope to be more mindful about what I purchase in the future. I’m also looking forward to being a bit more polished and inventive—which I will do when I know I’m posting a photo of what I’m wearing.

Join, if you are interested. I’ll be posting photos to Instagram (@africankelli) and a few here and on Facebook. Let frugal fashion reign!



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3 Responses

  1. Being retired is great for the budget…in some ways. I’ve bought one pair of jeans in the last 6 months and that’s it. I feel bad not wearing most of my clothes (or jewelry) anymore but can’t quite part with much of it yet.

  2. We bought an old house with tiny closets and it’s done wonders for my “stuff problem”. Things just don’t fit, and when you’re struggling with your tee shirts trying to shove them into your closet, you realize all the clothes just aren’t necessary. I’ve purged so much!

  3. StephanieS April 12, 2016

    Yay for you! Check out The Minimalists blog and podcasts. They have a great mindset about what we need and what we want.