The Garden Grows





Trying to find the light and positive, seeking the warmth of the Arizona early spring. My vegetable garden is going wild, eating up buffalo loam and drinking up as much water as I can provide. The heat comes on strong, and stronger.

Again, I plant a garden. And again, the earth reminds me everything happens in its own season. It is as pointless to dream of watermelon in February as it is to hope for citrus on the trees come May.


5 Replies to “The Garden Grows”

  1. Beautiful! Everything in this area is covered in deep snow and encrusted with ice. I am waiting for my seed order and will start them indoors. I will really enjoy Spring this year!

  2. Lovely! Miracles abound. In three months, there could be seedlings growing in what is now polar vortex territory.

  3. These images are a welcome sight (and yes, a bit envy-inducing at the same time!). Here just west of Philly we’re still buried under nearly two feet of snow. I’m a bit weary of shoveling, though I do take a lot of pleasure from watching my eight-year-old enjoy the snow (and helping her dig tunnels in the six-foot-high piles next to the road). I’m supposed to plant my peas and lettuces in the garden on St. Patrick’s Day. Right now, though, I can’t even SEE my garden! 🙂

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