The Garden Spoils

June 9th

Garden spoils

Garden spoils

Garden spoils

Garden spoils

We are eating a lot of: walnut pesto with basil from the garden*, roasted tomatoes with garlic, olive oil and lavender sea salt, rotisserie chickens — which are later transformed into the liquid gold of homemade stock.

Sadly, this is the last week for the tomatoes. The leaves have curled and browned with the last week of excessive heat, and the birds have found a new game in pecking tiny holes in any fruit they can find. I’ll cook the rest this week. It’s been a great harvest; I’ve had the chance to share them with a dozen friends and family, and cook steadily for the last six weeks with tomatoes in nearly every recipe.

Next year, more varieties and I will can too. Also — soil amelioration at the get go to prevent blossom end rot, and maybe a sun shade to keep unwanted birds and sunburn at bay.


*If you live in the Phoenix area, Trader Joe’s has giant basil plants for sale this week for $3. You cannot find a better deal. And they make your kitchen smell heavenly!

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2 Responses

  1. The birds are the worst! I never had this problem in our old house, so it may be a matter of location (here we have a bird-filled mulberry tree), but I really struggle getting any tomatoes off the vine before they get them. Between that and my tomato-hating husband (the horror!) I am planting fewer and fewer tomatoes. Cue the sad trombones!

  2. Christy June 14, 2014

    Looks so good! I’m still waiting for my tomatoes to ripen. Plenty of them on the vine, but they’re still green. We had blossom end rot last year because of low calcium content in our soil. We added gypsum to our beds when we tilled and also added about a cup to eat hole when we planted the tomatoes. So far, so good!