The Good, Bad and Bloody

February 9th

chicken pot pie1
pastry star

Good: I made a beautiful pastry crust last night. I finally figured out the right consistency, temperature and the such to roll out a beautiful crust. I used my grandma’s recipe, a good bit of patience and a star cookie cutter to create two chicken pot pies for sick coworkers. Nothing says “get better soon and stop coughing all over the office” like one of these.


As in bad-ass. Check out what I snapped driving down the road. Oh I wish I was an Oscar Mayer wiener… Really, I don’t. But the idea of stealing this car for a joyride gave me the giggles.

why you should always run with socks
bloody shoes

Next time I go out for a long trail run and forget my socks, kick me if I decide to run anyway. It is going to take at least a week for my feet to heal from this stupid move and I’ve got a big race in two weeks. Lovely. On the bright side, this gave me the motivation to go buy new running shoes, which I happily broke in this morning.

And this post effectively sums up the random nature of my life. Yummy cooking, love for all things kitschy and odd and the journey of training for a triathlon.


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33 Responses

  1. It is one of my life’s ambitions to see the wiener-mobile live and in person. And pass a piece of that pie, please. You know, we’ve been sick over here too. Giggle. 🙂

  2. you saw the weinermobile? lucky lucky! maybe it’s working it’s way east and will soon be near me? i can hope. soory about your bloody blister. looks bad bad bad. but your pastry pie sure looks good. i bet a bite or two of that will make it all better!

  3. Why, why would you run anyway? Why wouldn’t you just run to the nearest Osco and get a pair of socks? That just looks like ow. So, what is this race you’re running?

    Nice pie crust, btw, the stars are a cute touch!

  4. You are such a sweetie to make that yummy pie for your coworkers.
    I’m giggling at the image of you on COPS driving the weinermobile with a line of police cars chasing you, news helecopter overhead filming….
    Run Kelli, run. With socks!

  5. I’ve seen the Oscar Meyer weiner twice now!! one believes me though.. 🙁 because I could never get a good shot with my picture phone..

  6. Running without socks??? NO WAY.

    The pie looks yummy.

  7. ouch, woman! that looks like it hurts!

    (we saw that weenie mobile one day driving down the highway, but i couldn’t take the pix while driving — it was coming towards us.)

  8. Oh, that pie looks *delicious*!

  9. Those pies look beautiful! Congrats on making such a gorgeous pastry – it’s something I struggle with so I usually end up cheating and using store-bought.

    LOL at the Weinermobile. Bruce and I spotted it once when we were on a road trip in South FL but we didn’t think to take a picture of it.

  10. Ow Kelli! That foot looks soooooore!

  11. Good – the pot pies look awesome! You’re so sweet for making those (and we have the same tea kettle pictured in the background of our blogs on the same day – ha!)
    Bad(ass) – The weinermobile is just funny. I think a road trip in it would ROCK. Ha.
    Bloody – OUCH OUCH OUCH!! Bad Kelli, Bad! No running without socks!

  12. What were you thinking, running without socks! My mom actually has a picture of herself posing in front of the wienermobile. Makes me laugh everytime.

  13. Um, I see a recipe for how to make a mess out of your foot…but my gosh, that pastry pot-pie(ish) creation looks right up my alley. Is your recipe “top secret?”

    (i am also a notorious run with out socks gal, too. I think it goes hand-in-hand with my preference to be barefoot. Fortunately, my feet are sandpaper and I rarely get blisters anymore. Which reminds me…I really need a pedicure!)

  14. *delish*cool*ouch*
    That pot pie looks amazing! Yes, I am stuffed to the gills right now with lunch right now, yet I know if that were in front of me I’d devour it!!

  15. Moleskin, rookie, moleskin. That will let you continue to train and let your self-inflicted sins begin to heal. However, resign yourself to moleskin for your race in two weeks too. Good luck.

  16. PLUS:

    Forgetting your socks before a run is like forgetting your suit before a swim meet… and you’ve never done that, right? 🙂

  17. The chicken pot pie effort looks so tasty! The wienermobile is a hoot! Ouch about the sockless misadventure–I agree with JT who counsels moleskin, it does wonders.

  18. Now THAT is dedication!

  19. I’m so excited for your WienerMobile sighting – I’ve only gotten to see it a few times, and it’s made me stupidly happy each time…

    That’s one nasty looking owie! Be good to it…

  20. Oh, the inside of that shoe! Owwwww!!!

  21. That chicken pot pie looks yummy! What kind of camera do you have? Nice clear photos!

  22. The chicken pot pies look fantastic! Where did you get the recipe? (And will you share?)

  23. Ouch! I have actually been for a few joy rides in the wiener mobile. My dearest friend in college had a job driving that thing around for the summer. If you could stand his constant puns it was really fun!
    Ketchup with you later!

  24. I have an online training partner that never wears socks. She wraps her feet in duct tape instead.

  25. nice of you to make those pies.
    BAD the hot dog, very bad.
    ouch on the foot. get one of those jelly kind of foot protectors, in case you do not heal in time. they are good. i forgot the name…look in pharmacy store, dr. scholl area.

  26. kelli, you are so full of incredible, good energy and good things to do person.
    i would love for you to post a few days of your schedule of all these things you do. you are amazing.

  27. that chicken pot pie… oh, yum. i’m wishing i was your sick co-worker 🙂

  28. I’m weak just looking at your poor foot! As I told you before, I’m not that great of a baker, but for some reason I always make a good pastry crust…I can’t figure that one out 🙂

    Enjoy your weekend & baby that foot!!

  29. rats…i’ll have to cross “running without socks” off my list, or replace it “with scissors” instead. ouch!

    but the pie–yum. i like the hidden stars. there’s probably some sort of constellation floating about in all that delicious pastry.

  30. One thing is sure now: you won’t forget again to wear socks in the future! And please, can you write down the recipe? It looks so damn goooddddd!

  31. looks like a good weekend…aside from the blood of course 😀

  32. The photos of your yummy yummy meals are almost too much to bear!
    And ouch, that blister looks painful 🙁