The Grandmother Chronicles

My maternal grandmother, Grandma J, grew up in England and immigrated to the United States at the wise age of 22. Recently wed to an American serviceman, she had a baby on each hip and enough sense to get out of the marriage as soon as possible.
She is tough as nails and as sweet as a scone. When she loves you, she’d give you the world. When she’s angry, she makes those crazy footballers gone mad after a bad game look like whiny children.
I’ve been wise to stay on my Grandma J’s good side.
When she immigrated, there were few things she could bring, although a crochet hook, some knitting needles and a beautiful crockery bowl made the cut. My mom has the bowl, I’ve got the needles, and my grandma is still hesitant to give up the hook. Fair enough.
A few months back, Grandma J called me to see if I’d be interested in her knitting supplies. Her eyesight isn’t what it used to be and the boxes of yarn and needles were taking up space. (I’ve noticed my grandparents are regularly sorting their belongings and giving things away. It makes me sad and grateful. Dealing with their deaths one day will be sorrowful enough, without having to hold a yard sale on top of it.)
I jumped at the chance to have her things, especially the ancient knitting books that she worked from when pregnant. The pages are dog-eared and have notes scribbled in the margins. The cursive words are usually names — ones she was considering naming her growing brood. Karel, my mom, and Calvin, my uncle, appear as possibilities on several pages.
In addition to several boxes of yarn, enough knitting needles to last me a lifetime, and the books, she gave me a bag with a sweater inside. She’d started the sweater in 1986.

Nice cardigan dude

I’m pretty sure it was fugly even then.

Roly Poly Sweater Pattern

And it isn’t getting any prettier.

Grandma's obnoxious sweater project

Regardless, she didn’t ask me to finish it for her, but there was a not-so-subtle unspoken nudge to do so. She had this thing almost done — with only the gray sleeve left unfinished. I’ve completed the sleeve and now need to attach the pieces and complete the turtle neck. I look forward to wrapping this thing up in a pretty box and delivering it to her soon — because nothing says Arizona summer like a 3/4 sleeve acrylic Roly Poly Turtleneck.

My paternal grandmother, Grandma Max, lives in Tucson. I see her often and while she isn’t crafty, she is known for her green thumbs. Even in the harsh Tucson desert soil, she’s created a lush garden. I asked her this weekend how she learned how to garden with such patience and she reminded me that kids who grew up on farms during the depression often had nothing to their names but patience. Flowers, in comparison to crops, were easy to sow. I gulped back my naivetโˆšยฉ.
On Sunday she carefully went out to her garden and clipped several large leaves from a garden begonia. She has this plant growing in two places — one in full sunlight, where its leaves are fiery red, and one in the shade, where its leaves are emerald green. It is a pretty plant, but I can’t say I’ve ever paid much attention to it.


Until Sunday. She handed me a jam jar full of cuttings and told me that now this plant was mine too. Her father gave her mother this garden begonia in 1928. It survived the depression on a Pennsylvania farm, and countless moves there after. My grandmother has lived in Texas, Arizona, Nevada and New Mexico. This begonia has gone with her at every turn.
Now it is my turn.

Garden begonia 1

Lord, please don’t let me kill this plant.


59 Replies to “The Grandmother Chronicles”

  1. Two great, great stories! I think it is absolutely awesome that you are finishing your grandma’s sweater and sending it back to her. I can almost feel the tears welling up in her eyes when she opens the package. She is going to treasure that sweater, Donk. You’re way good.

    Have faith that the begonia will root and you’ll be able to pot and then plant that baby in your yard. I’ll counsel you along the way as I, too, am waiting “patiently” for a geranium cutting given to me by my nice neighbor to root in my water pitcher. We’ll give each other pep talks!

  2. I love that! SO SWEET. I tend to despise oversentimentality, but that is a sentimental offering that I can get behind. a plant that’s been with your family forever. so awesome.

  3. What sweet stories!! I love that you are finishing the sweater for your grammum! Also love that you have a planting that from the other. Tradition can be so great.


  4. I love the begonia story. Lets hope your mom doesn’t read the “I took her ancient knitting books from when she was pregnant” and think in turn you are telling her that she is ancient ;). I just had to get that one in there.

  5. You portray your grandmothers so that I see them, and in a small way, know them. It is clear that you have drawn from both their wells by way of the things you cherish and bring to life in yourself. Their gifts are an acknowlegement of their legacy in you, an acknowledgement of the gift you’ve given them — a pair of shoulders upon which to place the mantle of their blessings. Would that we all had such a gift in our old age. They must be remarkable women.

  6. Two great stories. I was cracking up with the “fugly” sweater. It was very kind of you to finish it for her.

  7. what a great post. very touching, but so funny, too. that sweater, and the thought of you packing it up and sending it to your sassy granny made me laugh out loud!

  8. oh! did the plant survive?
    i love this story about your grandma, and the shared plant. i come from a family of gardeners; to pass on a plant is an amazing accomplishment.

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    โ€“โˆ, โ€”ร‡. โ€“ยต. โ€“รฆโ€“ยฑโ€“ยบโ€“ยตโ€“ฮฉโ€“โˆโ€“โ‰คโ€“โˆžโ€”ร‡โ€”รฅ โ€“ยฅโ€“ยตโ€“ฮฉโ€”รฅโ€“โ‰ฅโ€“โˆ โ€“ฮฉโ€“โˆž โ€“ยฅโ€“ยตโ€“รธโ€“รฆโ€“โˆ‘โ€“โˆโ€”ร‡โ€“ยต โ€“ฮฉโ€“โˆž โ€“โ‰คโ€”ร…โ€“ยต โ€”รกโ€”ร‡โ€“รฆ โ€”ร‰โ€“โ‰ฅโ€“รฆโ€“ยฅโ€“ฮฉโ€“รฆ โ€“โˆ โ€“โ‰ฅโ€“ยฅโ€“ยต โ€”ร‰โ€“โ‰ฅโ€“รฆโ€“ยฅโ€“ฮฉโ€“รฆ โ€“โ‰คโ€“รฆ โ€“โ‰คโ€”ร…โ€“ยตโ€“ยบ โ€“ยบโ€“โˆโ€”ร„โ€“ยต. โ€“รถโ€“รฆโ€“ยบโ€“รธโ€“โˆžโ€“ฮฉโ€“โˆโ€”รจ “3M” โ€”ร‰โ€”ร‡โ€“โ‰คโ€“ยตโ€”ร„โ€“โˆ‚โ€“ยฅโ€“โˆžโ€“ยตโ€”ร‡, โ€”รกโ€”ร‡โ€“รฆ โ€“รฆโ€“ฮฉโ€“โˆž โ€“ฮฉโ€“ยต โ€“รธโ€”ร„โ€“รฆโ€”ร…โ€”ร‡โ€“รฆ โ€“รธโ€”ร„โ€“รฆโ€“โˆโ€“โˆ‘โ€“โ‰คโ€“รฆโ€“ยฅโ€“โˆโ€”ร‡ โ€“โˆซโ€“ยชโ€“ยตโ€“ฯ€โ€“โˆซโ€”ร‰โ€”รฉ โ€“ยชโ€“ยตโ€“ฮฉโ€”ร‡โ€”ร‰, โ€“ฮฉโ€“โˆžโ€”ร‰โ€”รกโ€“ฮฉโ€“รฆโ€“ยต โ€“รฆโ€“ยฑโ€“รฆโ€”ร„โ€”ร‰โ€“ยฅโ€“รฆโ€“โ‰คโ€“โˆžโ€“ฮฉโ€“โˆโ€“ยต โ€“โˆ โ€“รธโ€”ร„โ€“รฆโ€“ยฅโ€”ร‰โ€“โˆซโ€”รœโ€“โˆโ€”รฉ โ€“ยบโ€“ยตโ€“ยฅโ€“โˆโ€”รœโ€“โˆโ€“ฮฉโ€”ร…โ€“โˆซโ€“รฆโ€“โ‰ฅโ€“รฆ โ€“ฮฉโ€“โˆžโ€“โˆ‘โ€“ฮฉโ€“โˆžโ€”รกโ€“ยตโ€“ฮฉโ€“โˆโ€”รจ, โ€“โˆž โ€”ร„โ€“ยตโ€”ร โ€“โˆžโ€“ยตโ€”ร‡ โ€“รธโ€”ร„โ€“รฆโ€“ยฑโ€“ยชโ€“ยตโ€“ยบโ€”รฃ โ€“ยชโ€”รฉโ€“ยฅโ€“ยตโ€“ฯ€, โ€“โˆ‘โ€“โˆžโ€”ร…โ€”ร‡โ€“โˆžโ€“โ‰คโ€“ยชโ€”รจโ€”รจ โ€“โˆโ€“ฮฉโ€“ฮฉโ€“รฆโ€“โ‰คโ€“โˆžโ€”รœโ€“โˆโ€“โˆ โ€”ร„โ€“โˆžโ€“ยฑโ€“รฆโ€”ร‡โ€“โˆžโ€”ร‡โ€”รฅ โ€“ฮฉโ€“โˆž โ€“ฮฉโ€“โˆโ€”ร–.

  19. โ€“ยบโ€“โˆžโ€“โ‰ฅโ€“โˆžโ€“โˆ‘โ€“โˆโ€“ฮฉ dvdโ€“โ‰คโ€“โˆโ€“ยฅโ€“ยตโ€“รฆ โ€”ร‘โ€“โˆโ€“ยชโ€”รฅโ€“ยบโ€”รฃ โ€“ยฅโ€“โˆโ€”ร…โ€“โˆซโ€“โˆ โ€“ฮฉโ€“รฆโ€“โ‰คโ€“โˆโ€“ฮฉโ€“โˆซโ€“โˆ โ€”ร…โ€“ยตโ€”ร„โ€“โˆโ€“โˆžโ€“ยชโ€”รฃโ€“โˆซโ€”ร‰โ€“รธโ€“โˆโ€”ร‡โ€”รฅ โ€“รธโ€”ร„โ€“รฆโ€“ยฅโ€“โˆžโ€“ยบ โ€“ฮฉโ€“โˆž dvd

  20. โ€“รณโ€“ยฅโ€”ร„โ€“โˆžโ€“โ‰คโ€”ร…โ€”ร‡โ€“โ‰คโ€”ร‰โ€“ฯ€โ€”ร‡โ€“ยต!
    โ€“รผโ€”ร„โ€“ยตโ€“ยฅโ€“ยชโ€“โˆžโ€“โ‰ฅโ€“โˆžโ€”รฉ โ€“โ‰คโ€“โˆžโ€”ร โ€“ยตโ€“ยบโ€”ร‰ โ€“โ‰คโ€“ฮฉโ€“โˆโ€“ยบโ€“โˆžโ€“ฮฉโ€“โˆโ€”รฉ โ€“โˆ โ€“โ‰คโ€”รฃโ€”ร„โ€“โˆžโ€“โˆ‘โ€“โˆโ€”ร‡โ€”รฅ โ€“โ‰คโ€“โˆžโ€”ร โ€“ยต โ€“ยบโ€“ฮฉโ€“ยตโ€“ฮฉโ€“โˆโ€“ยต: –
    โ€“โ‰ โ€”ร‡โ€“รฆ โ€”ร…โ€“โˆžโ€“ยบโ€”รฃโ€“ฯ€ โ€“ฮฉโ€“รฆโ€“โ‰คโ€”รฃโ€“ฯ€, โ€”ร„โ€“โˆžโ€“โˆ‘โ€”ร„โ€“โˆžโ€“ยฑโ€“รฆโ€”ร‡โ€“โˆžโ€“ฮฉโ€“ฮฉโ€”รฃโ€“ฯ€ โ€“โ‰ค โ€“ยฐโ€“รนโ€“รฌ, โ€“โ‰ฅโ€“รฆโ€”ร„โ€“ฮฉโ€“รฆโ€“ยชโ€”รฃโ€“โˆ‚โ€“ฮฉโ€”รฃโ€“ฯ€ โ€”ร…โ€“รธโ€”ร‰โ€”ร…โ€“โˆซ โ€“ยฅโ€“ยชโ€”รจ โ€“โˆ‘โ€“โˆžโ€“โˆซโ€”ร„โ€”รฃโ€”ร‡โ€”รฃโ€”ร– โ€“รธโ€“รฆโ€“ยบโ€“ยตโ€”รขโ€“ยตโ€“ฮฉโ€“โˆโ€“ฯ€. โ€“รฎโ€“ยชโ€”รจ โ€”ร‡โ€”ร„โ€“ยตโ€“ฮฉโ€“โˆโ€”ร„โ€“รฆโ€“โ‰คโ€“รฆโ€“โˆซ โ€“โˆโ€”ร…โ€“รธโ€“รฆโ€“ยชโ€”รฅโ€“โˆ‘โ€”ร‰โ€”รฉโ€”ร‡โ€”ร…โ€”รจ โ€“ฮฉโ€“โˆžโ€”ร…โ€”ร‡โ€“รฆโ€”รจโ€”รขโ€“โˆโ€“ยต โ€“ยชโ€”รฃโ€“โˆ‚โ€“โˆ โ€“โˆ โ€”ร…โ€“ฮฉโ€“รฆโ€”ร‰โ€“ยฑโ€“รฆโ€”ร„โ€“ยฅโ€”รฃ, โ€“ยชโ€”รฃโ€“โˆ‚โ€“ฮฉโ€”รฃโ€“ยต โ€“รธโ€“โˆžโ€“ยชโ€“โˆซโ€“โˆ โ€“โˆ โ€“ยฑโ€“รฆโ€”ร‡โ€“โˆโ€“ฮฉโ€“โˆซโ€“โˆ.
    โ€“ยขโ€”ร„โ€“ยตโ€“ฮฉโ€“โˆžโ€“โˆ‚โ€“ยตโ€”ร„ Gornostay โ€“ยบโ€“รฆโ€“โˆ‚โ€“ยตโ€”ร‡ โ€”ร„โ€“โˆžโ€“โˆ‘โ€“ยบโ€“ยตโ€”รขโ€“โˆžโ€”ร‡โ€”รฅโ€”ร…โ€”รจ โ€“โ‰ค โ€”ร‡โ€“รฆโ€”ร„โ€“โ‰ฅโ€“รฆโ€“โ‰คโ€“รฆ-โ€”ร„โ€“โˆžโ€“โˆ‘โ€“โ‰คโ€“ยชโ€“ยตโ€“โˆซโ€“โˆžโ€”ร‡โ€“ยตโ€“ยชโ€”รฅโ€“ฮฉโ€”รฃโ€”ร– โ€”รœโ€“ยตโ€“ฮฉโ€”ร‡โ€”ร„โ€“โˆžโ€”ร–, โ€”ร…โ€“รธโ€“รฆโ€”ร„โ€”ร‡โ€“โˆโ€“โ‰คโ€“ฮฉโ€”รฃโ€”ร– โ€“โˆ โ€“โ‰ฅโ€“รฆโ€”ร„โ€“ฮฉโ€“รฆโ€“ยชโ€”รฃโ€“โˆ‚โ€“ฮฉโ€”รฃโ€”ร– โ€“โˆซโ€“ยชโ€”ร‰โ€“ยฑโ€“โˆžโ€”ร–, โ€“โ‰ค โ€“โˆซโ€”ร‰โ€”ร„โ€“รฆโ€”ร„โ€”ร‡โ€“ฮฉโ€”รฃโ€”ร– โ€“โˆ‘โ€“รฆโ€“ฮฉโ€“โˆžโ€”ร– โ€“โˆ โ€“รธโ€“โˆžโ€”ร„โ€“โˆซโ€“โˆžโ€”ร–.
    โ€“รญโ€”รฃโ€”ร…โ€“ยชโ€”ร‰โ€”ร โ€“โˆžโ€”รฉ โ€“ยชโ€”รฉโ€“ยฑโ€”รฃโ€“ยต โ€“ยบโ€“ฮฉโ€“ยตโ€“ฮฉโ€“โˆโ€”รจ โ€“โˆ โ€“รธโ€”ร„โ€“ยตโ€“ยฅโ€“ยชโ€“รฆโ€“โˆ‚โ€“ยตโ€“ฮฉโ€“โˆโ€”รจ.

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