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July 13th

giraffe frenchie bag

I am having one of those weeks where everything seems to be falling into place, just right. My push to prioritize is paying off ten-fold. I resigned from one of my freelance gigs at a health magazine. The relief! The joy! The sheer happiness of not having to track down excessively busy health care workers who didn’t want to be interviewed anyway!
With this change in income, I took a closer look at my finances and have been budgeting. I’ve also been eating much healthier, sleeping better and seeing gains in my tri training. I can’t help but think these things are all related. There is such gratification to be found in changing your behavior, seeing the new habits stick and viola! Results! Speaking of Goldilocks, I’ve switched my morning bagel habit to low-sugar oatmeal and it is such a pleasant change. The porridge is just right.


With my extra time and happy attitude, I sat down yesterday for an hour of Singer therapy. I used a beautiful African batik print sent from Switzerland by the lovely Jessica to create this Frenchy Bag. I am using canvas a good bit these days in my sewing. I like the simplicity and sturdiness — especially when paired with such a busy print.
I hope your week has also been just right.

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  1. we are so on the same wave-length. i bought this pattern a few days ago but haven’t had time to whip up the frenchy bag. yours looks lovely, as usual!

  2. YOU were having problems SLEEPING? 🙂

  3. You look very happy… I’m glad you’re doing so well :))

  4. yay! i am so glad to hear that prioritizing has made a difference. and just look at the creative burst you have had too!! 🙂

    very cute bag, and an even cuter you!

  5. I hope that “just right” feeling carries into the weekend! Cheers!

  6. We do oatmeal around here all the time. When you start to get tired of it, try it with shredded apples or frozen berries or vanilla yogurt or (my favorite) Indian Chai Tea spices (cardamom, ginger, cinnamon, fennel, etc.). I also make it with Almond Milk sometimes. Yum.

  7. That bag is *gorgeous*!

  8. So great that you’re cutting back a bit and feeling better about it. And, very excited to see my poster featured on your blog :-)!!! It looks right at home.

  9. Where did the T-shirt come from? Like it…

  10. Love the bag, you’re so cute, and hey…wanna’ be my mentor? ROFL…I truly need help motivating myself to switch from a bagel to porridge (okay okay, a lemon poppyseed muffin to porridge 😉 LOL).

    Keep up the good work hon! You’re an inspiration!

  11. You look good Kel. At peace. That makes me happy. 🙂

  12. The bag looks great – and you do too. Congrats on all the positive changes!! You deserve it.

  13. Good for you! It’s so gratifying to actually see results when an effort is made. Glad it’s paying off for you!

  14. I love the bag! I’m glad to hear that you’re making changes in your life that make you truly happy! And your shirt is really cool!

  15. Good for you Kelli, I’m glad to hear that things are falling into place 🙂

  16. Can I just say that while I love a morning bagel and iced mocha.. I also love oatmeal and have recently vowed to get away from the higher calorie cereals and switch back to oatmeal. My personal fave is plain oatmeal with a tsp. of brown sugar. Grace loves it to so it’s nice to share a healthy habit with her. Good job with re-org of the priorities!

  17. ..ugh.. I’ll spare you of my negativity. (but fair warning, you may stay clear of my blog post today!) 🙂

  18. You look happy and healthy in your photo! The bag is great and I agree about the pairing of the canvas with the fabric–works out great for a number of reasons. You are so inspiring, Kelli, and I shall make a renewed effort to work on my own priorities–maybe refine them a bit so they’re not so overwhelming which kind of defeats the prioritizing concept as a whole.

  19. Look at you – you just shine! Orange is your color. Sounds like we’re both on a bit of a ‘small life changes’ kick.

  20. Sarah HB July 14, 2007

    Sounds like the changes have been positive! So glad to hear it and the bag is GORGEOUS.

  21. oh kelli, i’m sooo happy that everything is falling into place for you. you absolutely deserve it!
    the bag is devine and i’m uber jealous that you are getting to hang out with the singer 🙂

  22. I just wanted to tell you, you have inspired me! I got the Amy Butler swewing book you all have been using and my mind is running amuck with ideas for Christmas presents!

  23. What a great week. Isn’t it amazing what getting rid of white wheat flour does for the body? Yes!

  24. Kelli, good for you for prioritizing. I am a firm believer that sometimes we just need to stop and take a closer look at our day to day, making even small changes can create bigger feelings of calm and organization. Cute bag!

  25. hip hip hoo-oatmeal! i don’t know who wendy is, but she knows her porridge and i’m gonna try some of that. let me know when you tire of oatmeal and we’ll start something else. of course, i could be 40 when that happens, judging from the bagel lifetime…:) yay for you, girl!!

  26. Fabulous bag! Prioritizing is a good thing, eh?

  27. a change will always do you good! isn’t it refreshing to find yourself using a different perspective even when only a few changes were made?

  28. I love the bag. And I’m glad the changes you’ve made are resulting in positive outcomes. You deserve the best. XOXOXO

  29. jessica July 27, 2007

    ah ha!! that is SO SO cool to see the fabric comet to life. when i saw it in the box here in this old anitque store (did i tell you that the store is three huge stories because it’s in a former chocolate factory…did your fabric smell like cocoa?!) i just thought immediately that i knew who it was for! nice work, it looks lovely, and perfecto

  30. what a lovely post… so glad to see you so happy! it is awesome when you can see those quick results from simple changes… it really encourages you to keep with it. we are feeling a lot healthier too these days and loving it. (and the cold is almost gone… hurrah!) xo