The Heat Ate My Happiness For Breakfast

stamps drying

~I bought a new pair of bike shorts Friday. Come to find out I’ve been using men’s bike shorts. I’m not sure where I got the pair I had been using, but needless to say, the girl ones? Wow. They fit so much better. And not to get too specific, but I wasn’t walking like a cowboy after my ride Saturday morning.

~Taking naps is great until you get to the day when you can’t have one. Resorting to crankiness isn’t cute once you are past, oh age 5. And apparently the “I’m sorry. I didn’t get my nap.” excuse make adults look at you like maybe you’ve escaped the short bus group home.

this week's stamped cards

~This heat? It is killing me. I promise this will be my one and only heat-related rant for the summer but it was 93 degrees out when I went to run this morning at 5 am. The sun wasn’t up. It was dark and 93 degrees out. I think it is safe to say I live in hell. The YMCA pool was 86 degrees yesterday. I think I saw a rubber ducky floating by faster than my exhausted arms could muster.


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  1. Okay, I will not complain about it being 82 at 5 a.m. for my walk the other morning. Yikes! Take care of yourself, my dear! Hydrate! Hydrate!

    As for naps – that was the hardest thing for me get over when I came home from India. The whole country shut down between 1:00 and 4:00 and I had two hours in the middle of the day to swim, read, snooze and write letters. I only ever napped for about 20 minutes, but oh, it was bliss.

  2. Naps..oh yes…one of the benefits of having two young ones and being a stay-at-home mom….I take naps, too!
    A funny story for you…heat related….the hubby and I were flying back recently from Las Vegas with a short layover in Phoenix. We were told to keep the shades down on the windows, as apparently even 30 mins. on the tarmac will heat the place up intolerably in the shades are up. Go figure….but I can relate…I spent my childhood in Visalia (by Fresno) so my summers were full of evening runs in the 100 degree heat!

    Keep hydrated…and run from the air-conditioned house, to the air-conditioned car, to the air-conditioned work place….;)

  3. yeah. that’s hot. That’s probably payback for the insanity of getting up at 5:00 freaking a.m.

    Just teasing. Good for you!
    I would, too. But, I don’t believe in such things.

  4. Oh, I’m loving your stamps, especially the frida and day of the dead ones.
    And I love you having a toddler temper tantrum- too cute!

  5. Yes, you are crazy for living in such heat. I spent 8 summers in Phoenix when I was growing up and the heat ruined the entire experience for me, so now it’s hard to get me to visit, even in the winter!

    But you’ll be loving it in February when the rest of the nation is under 3ft of snow. (Hoping for another very snowy winter here!)

  6. I didn’t even know there *were* different bike shorts for girls and boys. I mean, I guess it only makes sense, but I never thought about it. I’ll be danged.

    Need a break from the tri-tedium? Substitute Echo Canyon or Piestewa Peak for your workout(s) on one of the weekend days. It will use different muscles and give you a break mentally. I did Echo Canyon w/ Sarah and the Dobson HS swimmin’ women on Saturday. It was great!

  7. I know what you mean about the heat–it’s suffocatingly hot here in Tucson, too. We played golf on Saturday and I was totally convinced I was going to die on the 14th hole but I managed to make it to the 18th. Our pool temp is 89 degrees today.

    I don’t remember where I got this but here is a recipe for you to make and try to cool off:

    Mango Margarita

    • 1 ripe mango, cubed and squeeze juice from pit
    • 1/2 can mango nectar
    • 1 lime
    • 1/2 cup tequila
    • 1 cup Margarita mix
    • Ice

    In a blender add mango, juice of 1/2 a lime, mango nectar, tequila, mix and ice. Blend and taste to see if you need more of lime or mango nectar. Makes one pitcher.

  8. Kelli – girl, I feel you. Sac summers are hot, too. Thank goodness we’ve only had one week of 105-110 temps (and I was in France at the time). Some summers have 2-3 weeks of those scorchers. Lately it’s been lovely – up to 95 or so in the day, cooling off to 60’s at night. Still, I can’t wait for fall…
    ps. while you hydrate with June’s awesome margaritas, have some chips – you need the salt. 🙂

  9. such cute cards! i am amazed that you get as much done in the heat as you do. 🙂 it’s only in the hundred zone here (like 100-102 tops) and it is sometimes all i can do to get things done.

    glad you got the right kind of shorts too. totally sounds like something i would do!

  10. OMG. 93 degrees at 5am?! That is all the way wrong.

    In that case I will not tell you about how I thought I maybe should have been wearing long sleeves when I went out at 6am this morning.

    If I could bottle our unseasonably (knock on wood) cool summer weather for you, I would.

  11. My husband was just in Phoenix last week and had the same rant – couldn’t sleep the whole week! love the cards, sometimes it helps to get a good project going to take your mind off the heat….

  12. That’s got to be the best post title I’ve seen in quite some time.

    And,those shorts? I’m guessing they…flare… more, hmm? Don’t worry, the urge to belch on command and do interesting things with lighters and methane WILL pass… eventually.

  13. I love it – “the heat ate my happiness.” 93 degrees in the dark though….that’s just brutal. It’s been hot here too, maybe 94-96 for a high but it is Humid with a capital H. I hate it! Makes you feel like you’re walking through pea soup for air. I am having no trouble thinking up lots of things to get done inside in the AC!

  14. Ha! It’s good you found out something was wrong with those shorts;)
    I wish it was a big hotter here… i live near the beach, am on holidays, and its cold today:(

  15. the heat is killing me to. it was 104 yesterday! gag. not as hot as you have probably, but it’s humid here. suffocatingly humid! so weird…i had a dream about you last night.(hope that doesn’t sound stalkerish LOL) You came by to see me before I left the country!?

  16. You make me laugh. I can only imagine how your “mens” bikepants fitted or should I say didn’t fit. So glad you’ve worked it out. That will make all the difference now.
    I’m wishing for the Summer heat here, I’m so over winter. But I’m not sure if I want it that hot.
    Love all your stamps. Great photos.

  17. That’s HOT I totally understand your crankiness!
    Our little school pool got so warm under the heavy steel lid this weekend that the water turned opaque with bacteria. I was truly a lovely milk glass color. No swimming for us. It had to be drained. :

  18. be still in the heat. it will pass too.

    i love the cards. love frida kahlo.

    sleep/nap is so essential….do it.
    then you don’t have to caffeine up…better for you.

  19. I understand your frustration. Yesterday here in Birmingham, 103 degrees. Today, more of the same. The heat index with the unbearable humidity here is well over 110. Ugh. O how I long for fall again….

  20. Oh I’m so happy that I live in MN and it is never 98 degrees at 5am. I missed our big nasty upper 90’s heatwave while in Sweden, and I can’t say that I’m complaining!! Hang in there and keep those water bottles filled.

    You inspired me to make some cards yesterday – I was thinking, what could I do with my spare time this morning and thought “Well, Kelli would whip up SOMETHING ridiculously amazing…” so there ya go. 🙂

    Have a good one!

  21. yikes! that is pretty hot!!

    i’m going to be in phoenix in mid sept…is it still pretty hot then? or does it ever cool down….?
    [keep in mind that my summer consists of “highs of 60”!]

  22. Y’all were on the news this morning. On the NATIONAL version of NPR. Urban Heat Island. Not cooling down overnight and then starting out hotter every day. UGH. I miss you and my other friends out there, but I DON’T miss that heat! (‘course, it was 98 degrees and 90% humidity the other day, here. That’s not really much better, when you think about it.)

  23. Needless to say, here up North, the weather never gets up that high. When I went cycling this morning at 7, my hands were freezing.. I’m sure we could see my breath…

    I’ll be back to work next week and I’ll miss my little afternoon naps with Honey on the sofa..

    Those cards are absolutely lovely!

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