The House Muffins Built

I’ve been using my tips from the bakery to buy a few new pieces of furniture for the Heirloom Homestead. This weekend, I finally met the wonderful ladies behind Rescued Relics. It was Friday after work and they were greeting customers with margaritas and sangria. Dressed in party dresses and huge smiles, I felt immediately at home among their hard work. Their tiny shop holds a dozen or so pieces of antique furniture that they’ve repainted and replaced hardware.

Antique dresser

Antique dresser

Antique dresser

Antique dresser

The one I picked is weird, old, recycled and loved. It fits my room perfectly. It was a moment of serendipity when I was this old bureau. In my college dorm room, Emily and I arranged our meager possessions to create the nicest home we could. (To even describe that room as nice is such a stretch.) One of our techniques was to use my traveling chest as a coffee table, decorated with a few used magazines from Bookmans. (We were klassy.) The cover of one of those magazines — an issue ofย Martha Stewart Living — was a yellow bureau — quite similar to this one. I can’t tell you how many hours I spent on that couch studying, occasionally looking over at that dumb magazine and wishing I lived in a house with real furniture — not a plastic rubbermade box I’d turned into my “traveling chest.”

Well! Happy days!



11 Replies to “The House Muffins Built”

  1. I love these! So vintage but without being stuffy! I have to say, from the title I was really hoping this would be about a house made of muffins (which is my number two fantasy, second only to marrying the Muffin Man– do you know him?) but, because the furniture is so cute I’m only a little bit sad.

  2. I peeked over at their site. I love that all the furniture pieces have names. Fun! I think we all start off with those Rubbermaid tables or whatever. Heck I’m 37 and I bought my first couch last year. It’s kind of nice that nowadays the mismatched is back in style so you can pick up random pieces here and there and it’s all good. I kind of prefer the pieces with some old interest and a story to them over some fancy shmanshy piece anyways ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I love your pillow sham the best! Makes me want to dig out my DMC floss and make some lazy daisy stitches!

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