The Jane

May 26th

Remember that Kerrisha sweater? Well, my coworker Jane wanted one too — but a bit longer.

The Jane Sweater

The Jane Sweater

She’s going on a cruise soon to Alaska. (I think this little cardigan will be the perfect accessory for such an adventure!)

Fun story: I started a The purl clutching Badass Women’s Knitting Society at work. We meet once a week for lunch and I’ve taught about a dozen ladies how to knit. Jane, who knit many years previously but needed a reminder, is one of several who have quickly surpassed my abilities. She and others now share their complicated patterns and different techniques they’ve learned on YouTube and elsewhere.

Like gardening, knitting is one of those things that brings me together with others with who I may have nothing else in common. But we bond. We talk yarn and the perils of giving a handmade gift and we decompress during our work day. It has unexpectedly brought together a group of women I would have otherwise not gotten to know at work, and now I find myself looking forward to it every week.

Score one for community.




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5 Responses

  1. Love it — the cardi and the idea of having a knitting club at work.

  2. Deb Conrad May 26, 2015

    I am also a knitter (for many years!) and I love to see newbies! Good for you for passing it forward. I found knitting to be very relaxing. Good on ya!!

  3. Syrinx May 26, 2015

    I just read a book, Diva’s don’t knit … *chuckling* … and they do the very same thing.

  4. Isn’t it amazing how sharing your passion for something gets others involved? I had a pretty large group of co-workers show up for a run last time I did a local one.