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September 24th

Hanging out by the fire

I am not exactly a cat lover. In fact, I’ve been known to say that the best cat is one deep fried. My mom was bitten by a cat on her face as a child; her own litter grew up hating the feline world in solidarity.

Hanging out by the fire

Come to find out, that is really dumb. There are some very sweet kitties in this world and Woody and Yogi are at the top of the list.

Hanging out by the fire

I know. Woody says it is going to take a little more time to believe such news. I no longer hate cats.

Hanging out by the fire

Yogi is also a skeptic.

Hanging out by the fire

Hanging out by the fire

Abby, however, is such a cuddler and purrs like an engine when you rub her belly.

Hanging out by the fire

Staying warm by the fire

We’ve spent quite a bit of time hanging out by the fire for the last two unseasonably cold days in Golden. I’m not saying I’m ever going to own a cat, but I can see why they are sweet to have around.


Bruno, on the other hand, is coming home in my luggage. Love this little guy!


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13 Responses

  1. I can have Ellie’s bags packed in 15 minutes….you can swing by and grab her on your way home. She is very sweet and loving, in a somewhat high-maintenance way. Glad you’re enjoying your trip!

  2. Deep fried kitties?? HORRIBLE!!!

    All most people that hate cats need is one to hang out with and they will change their minds! I can’t imagine living with out a cat!

  3. I have never been a cat person either – partially because they make my eyes itch like crazy but also because my Mom was completely afraid of them because of a childhood experience quite similar to your Mom’s. Glad you are enjoying your time with all the furry friend in Colorado.

  4. Not much of a cat fan myself. (But, I love dogs!)

  5. Loving cats? I wonder what your mama thinks of that!

  6. This story of cat acceptance made me laugh out loud, and think of one of my dear friends. She finds cats “creepy”, our little love has made it his personal mission to convert her feelings, which is always funny to watch. I think cats know when you aren’t a fan and go out of their way to teach you kitty love.

  7. I used to have a schnauzer named Babs and she would give you the same look Bruno is giving to you in that picture. She was very sweet, smart and a lot of fun. She was skilled at winning the hearts of everyone who met her.

  8. Well, yay! I love kitties myself and desperately miss my little tribe now that I’m in IN. My mom only has one cat! I can’t wait to see my babies. Glad you’ve been converted. Those are very cute kitties there, I like the big white foot sticking in the orange cat’s face. I’m more than ready to be back in AZ.

  9. My husband used to hate cats. Before we were married and living in sin I told him I WAS GETTING A CAT. He said he’d tie its tail to its leg and drop it out the window and other horrible things but I knew if I let him name her he’d love her. And so began a too-short love story between husband and Johnette (the dumbest name ever). Now he can be found loving up our current pile of cats in a most embarrassing manner.

  10. They look like such sweet cats and I’m glad you’ve developed a new sense of how lovely cats can be. But Bruno, oh, he’s so adorable.

  11. Cats, like most people, need to be accepted on their own terms. And, also like some people, take effort to love. But oh how lovey they can be! I’m a huge fan of all things four-legged and furry. I’m glad you’re getting some critter love on your trip.

  12. Smiling here that you now have a new acceptance of kitties.If you are not totally won over, I am sure when you come here to visit my three will finish the job and make you a cat lover. :-)))

  13. So cute! Cats aren’t that bad, very selfish, but cute nonetheless 🙂