The little things

August 20th

Just because he's good to me


I have a stack of ironing to finish. Knitting to complete. A book that is two-thirds read. Hundreds of pages of edits on a novel to make. A book proposal half completed. And I’m going to Vegas this weekend with a childhood friend to see Britney Spears for our 35th birthdays.

Guess which one is getting the most attention?

I’ll be back soon, and will post for Friday’s Writer School. Otherwise, just trying to manage one hot day of summer at a time — and thankful we are nearing September, with cooler, darker mornings.


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    (Sorry, I couldn’t resist. Oh. my. gosh. That is going to be sooooo fun!)
    I’m just hanging on, too. Thankfully our summer has been relatively cool, but it’s hot now (95-100 every day. That’s hot to me!) and the last of our moving is still ahead of me. I’m hoping (really really hoping) to finish boxing up the little stuff this weekend so we can get our house listed for sale pronto.