The Little Things

This weekend I planted a vegetable garden. One of the perks of returning to my little home in Tempe: space to garden. I’d done a good bit of work over the years to clear areas for gardening and no surprise — they were empty and ready for some attention.
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Tomatoes and leeks and peppers and zucchini and in a few months, we will have more vegetables than we know what to do with. Thankfully we also have more Ball and Mason jars than I know what to do with. (I may be a bit of a jar junky.) I see a tomato canning party early summer.

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Otherwise, I scratched the itch to have everything spotless and organized this weekend.

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New drip pans for an old stove  — with a bit of elbow grease and Magic Erasers (which, my God really are magic and possibly produced by Unicorns) and voila — a much nicer looking, sparkly clean stove:

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My other cleaning hack worthy of sharing: my little home has OLD cabinets. They could use to be replaced, along with just about every other fixture in the joint. My mom suggested cleaning them with Simply Orange and my goodness if that didn’t make a big difference.


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You wouldn’t believe the ick that stuff removed. Are they brand new? No. Are they clean and ready for more use? Yep.

So, while this place isn’t palatial, it will be clean and tidy as we take our time moving in. I’m pleasantly surprised by how much it feels like home. A garden always helps with that.

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This week: painting, bathroom updates and new carpeting. And lots of watering the little garden that could (and will).

My home in Denver was the Heirloom Homestead. Any votes if I keep the name or spice it up? I’d love your suggestion.


11 Replies to “The Little Things”

  1. Hmm… I’ll be thinking of names. I love seeing this familiar place again! And your sunny skies make me smile and feel a little warmer. Happy gardening!

  2. The Tempe Terrace or The Sunny Sanctuary (I could do this for hours instead of what I need to do!)

    I am so glad you are home!

  3. Awww — your beloved garden! Well, that has to feel good. 🙂 What about The Oasis? You know, since you’re out there in the desert and all. Of course, that also sounds kind of like a cheesy 80’s club, but you could have fun with that, too.

  4. Where ever you are you make a lovely nest! The cabinets look great. I use a lot of Murphy’s Oil Soap, well, perhaps I should use it a little more? Great results!

  5. I like Heirloom Homestead! Fond memories of your time in CO!

    I should be able to help this weekend, depending on the day/time you need a hand – I have a small obligation Saturday morning and a Sunday brunch, otherwise should be freeish.

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