The Sewing Room is Open for Business

February 7th

Sewing space set up!

When I went on the walk-through for J’s house, I had to focus on keeping my feet on the floor when we walked into one of the bedrooms to see it had been converted into a sewing room. The previous owner had custom cabinetry installed and racks for fabric in the closet. I wanted to giggle with glee. A real sewing room! Not everything spread out on the dining room table, where you have to shuffle to get things organized and tucked away before guests come over.

A real sewing room.

It took 18 months or so of sorting and organizing, but this week the sewing room finally transformed from the catch-all for everything else in the house to an actual sewing room.

Valentine sewing

Valentine Sewing

Just in time for some Valentine and spring birthday projects.



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2 Responses

  1. How serendipitous! Can’t wait to see what you create!

  2. Raesha de Ruiter Zylker February 8, 2016

    How exciting!!!! I can’t wait until I can have a sewing room again (HELLO Syd’s room when she moves out!)….:):):)