The View from Here

February 16th

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  1. Beautiful View

  2. Beautiful! Love love love AZ mountains! Did you go on an early morning hike my dear? (If so, maybe someday we can coordinate together!)

  3. Haha, and I don’t even have to be jealous! Because I would be…

  4. Making me homesick all the way over here in Thailand. Nothing beats Arizona mountains…

  5. We are so blessed to live in Arizona with such magnicificant views. Beautiful photo, Kelli.

  6. Don’t you just love the mountains:) I remember thinking when singing America the Beautiful back east (PA and NY) and hearing the words “Purple Mountains” and thinking, “what are they talking about…mountains aren’t purple”. Well, then I moved to AZ 29 years ago and saw my first purple mountain range (The Catalinas in Tucson) and I fell in love. I don’t think I could ever live without them again. They speak to me daily and remind me of the awesome wonder of our God in all He has created.

    Sunny, 70’s and smiling all day today. Enjoy yours…

  7. I have a new appreciation for this landscape. That’s why I always encourage travelling! Beautiful view.

  8. I love the mountains here in AZ. Especially with the sunsets that paint them in colors.

  9. ahhhhh….

    My view is white, snow and cold….. 😉