The Weekend in a Dozen

May 12th

I’m cheating a bit for this month’s 12-of-12 challenge by posting my photos today, on the 12th, rather than tomorrow. I had such a great and busy weekend, I figured I could sum it up in a dozen shots instead of bouncing around with my camera today.


Ruby's computer

The SheRox tri was a lot of fun. I really enjoyed the race and it was definitely worth the $85. Tempe Town Lake is warm (74) and the course was well marked. I was impressed with the organization and will do this sprint tri again. Alma completed it and it was her first tri. I was beaming, I was so proud of her.

this week's fruit -- not local, i know

Groceries. I love apples. I cringe at the fact that these aren’t local, but they are organic and they are from the US. The Chilean apples looked prettier, but my fruit shouldn’t need a passport.

purcahsed for $3 at the Tempe Library

The Tempe Library is so fabulous. Not only do they sell books on the cheap — this stack cost $3 — but they also have a great cafe and selection of audio books and DVDs.

buying these always makes me feel wt

Supplies for another loaf of no knead bread. There is something about buying one giant can of beer that makes me feel a bit like I should be calling my third cousin for a date this Friday. But then I have some of this warm bread and the whiskey tango feeling disappears around slice three.

apron loop

Africankelli Apron #4 completed; #5 is on my kitchen table ready to be completed this afternoon.


gramma j, 74th birthday

Mama’s day and my British Grannie’s 74th birthday. There was the mandatory visit, along with some beer bread (see above) and brownies. She was tickled.

reversible pintucked table runner with matching cloth napkins, jackie

More sewing — a pintucked, reversible table runner for my psuedo Arizona mom Jackie. Jackie is Rebecca’s mom and their family have me over for dinner every Sunday. They are pretty incredible folk.

table runner for jackie, wrapped and ready

Wrapped and ready to be delivered. I stole Finny’s idea for photo cards a while back. I print my favorite photos at Costco and glue them down to some cardstock. They come in handy for just about any occasion.

squash, garlic roasted

Shelley, Bec’s eldest sister, wanted this butternut squash spicy dip I make. It isn’t my favorite, but the squash looks so pretty all roasted and rested on the cookie sheet.

pretty pita shot

Pita for the dip. I make my own pita chips because they are less expensive and healthier. I buy a package of pitas and cut them up and toast them in the oven. Voila — chips without the frying.

Irish soda bread muffins, bon appetit, june 2008

Irish soda bread muffins for her other sister, Christy. This recipe is from the June issue of Bon Appetit and is excellent.

Cody and Four Peaks

And the random drink with my brother, who happened to be in Phoenix for 24-hours to see some friends. It is always nice to spend time with him. I miss him like it is my job.

There was some bowling, napping, church-going, and a fair amount of NPR listening in there too. A great weekend indeed!

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18 Responses

  1. A full weekend! Is that Four Peaks?!

  2. Baked corn tortillas are super yummy too, for chips. I’ll have to try the pita thing!

  3. What a great way to spend the weekend! And I am glad you cheated because I meant to do 12 of 12 this month and totally forgot it was the 12th. 🙂

  4. looks like a busy, fun weekend. I have to say that your blog always manages to make me hungry. Have you seen this recipe for making your own pitas?

    looks easy. I might have to try it out.

  5. What a great weekend. I hope you slept a little bit, too. 🙂

  6. Nice weekend in photos.

    Your brother came to Phx for 24 hours??

    Nice idea for the card.

  7. Looks like you had a wonderful weekend – I am always so inspired by your ability to fit so much into so little time! I need to learn from you 🙂

    And I love my cute little photo notecard too.

  8. I hope you’ll let me know what you think of the Law of Similars. I loved Midwives, Trans-Sister Radio, and his newest The Double Bind. I would definitely recommend any of those if you’d like to read more his books.

  9. Sounds like a busy and awesome weekend. My friend makesa great fruit salsa and her own chips, using whole wheat tortillas, cinammon, cardamon, and baking in the oven. It’s so good. A great summer dessert.

  10. I’m liking the colors of your newest apron!

  11. Please post the squash dip!

    Coincidentally, I also did my first tri of the season this past Sunday, except the water temp was a bit chillier. 56¬∞ or so. I wore a wetsuit, a neoprene bathing cap (who knew they even made such things?) and booties, and I STILL froze my freakin’ #$&*# off. Actually, my body was warm but i just couldn’t get my breath. I felt like I was on “Survivor”. The rest of the course was great compared to the freezing swim.

    Title 9 (the catalog) is hosting a women-only tri at the same course in September, so I’ll do that and see if I can improve my time when I can actually stroke instead of suck air.

    And YOU were my inspiration for even doing tris, so I was cursing–I mean praising you the whole time I was swimming…or definitely during the after-swimming part. Glad you did so well and had such a great weekend overall!


  12. Sounds like a really fun weekend! And the squash dip. YUMMY!!! I’m going to have to try that! You’ll have to post the recipe!

  13. Does your Grandma live in Phoenix? How nice you can see her! Glad to see the apron business is humming along with everything else.

  14. Are you going to show the whole apron? I’d like to see how you used that bright color with the black and white :O)

  15. Whoa! I’m out of breath! Great weekend! You and your grandma are twins. :o) I look very much like my grandma too and I love it.
    The pool opens May 24 (God knows why public pools have schedules around here)…I’m looking forward to start swimming again! I’m sure I’ll have water up my nose for the first week, but i can’t wait to get back into (semi) swim shape.

  16. I have “The Corrections” in my MTBR too! Indeed you had a great time.

  17. Wow, what wonderful things you’ve accomplished. You truly do inspire me, Kelli.

  18. i do the pita chips, too, they are great for home made hommous!