These Boots Were Made for Wassailing…

December 13th

I bought myself a nice Christmas gift last week, and I’m not going to lie. I cry a little tear each time I have to take these boots off, I’m so in love. I’m a closeted shoe-aholic. There is nothing like a sassy new pair on my feet to make me smile and skip through the day.

If you are looking to add a skip to your day, consider the following:
~ Need something to get you in the holiday crafting mood? For truly impressive sewing and fabric selection, check out Not Quite Vintage’s flickr account. Ay! Such lovely projects.

~ Need a kick in the apron to get you in the kitchen, baking for all those parties this weekend? Smitten Kitchen is such fun to read and her photography makes my stomach growl with envy.

~Trying to figure out what to wear to those parties? How about a FedEx rush delivery for this with this and a little bling. Yep, these would get you pulled under the mistletoe in a hurry.

And if you are staying home this weekend to finish your wrapping and the such, throw in a good movie, pour some Baileys into that coffee and whip up some lingerie bags for your girlfriends.

lingerie bags

The latest installment in the adventathon. Here are a few other ideas.

These are essentially giant wristlets, minus the strap. I give them in pairs — one for clean, one for those to be washed. They are great for those in your life who travel regularly and cringe at the thought of airport security folks digging through their luggage. A friend of mine gave me a set when we traveled to the Philippines several years ago. I use them all the time!

Three cheers for practical gifts,
Kelli, the booted blogger

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15 Responses

  1. I’m a shoes fanatic, me too! Hubby keep telling me “me, or your shoes” risking a divorce every time I see a new pair (especially summer sandals).

  2. congrats on the boots–very cool. And the lingerie bags are so great–love that purple!

  3. The boots are lovely (as are all your shopping picks! You’ve got fantastic taste, my friend!)

    And how happy are those purple dots? The recipients will LOVE these, I am sure…

  4. Love the boots!

  5. The only thing missing with those boots is a cool pair of funky tights like they have over here. Quick, before I head your way: stripes, fishnet, specific color wishes? Do tell!

  6. So fun Kelli! Love Garnet Hill!

  7. New boots and COACH? Sista, you are speaking my language! And the link to the Pecan Squares — Oh.My.God!!

  8. I want those boots!

  9. Great idea!

  10. Those boots are so fun and stylish. Good for you for getting yourself a present.

  11. Those are some fantastic boots you got!!

  12. those are cool lingerie bags. what a clever idea. and what cute fabric, too!

  13. Kelli – You rock! My new poinsettia bag was just the ticket to help me manage an afternoon of holiday shopping. It’s the perfect size and shape. Did you use a pattern?

    I’m crossing my fingers for sun tomorrow so I can take a picture that’s worthy!

    Thanks so much. And the Kaffe Fassett book… so inspiring.

  14. those boots are fantastic. very emma peel, with comfort heels!

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